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This kind of alcoholic drink is a fortified sparkling wine or vermouth containing a variety of herbs. The Martini is easy to manufacture, have a pleasant spicy taste and aroma. The recipe can enter other spirits, juices, herbs, spices, fruits.


The finished drink is served in a special glass, garnished with a slice of citrus, olive, unusual tube. The martinis The product is a tonic alcohol medium strength (14,9-18 vol.) the group’s vermouths and sparkling wines infused with herbs. From plants in the composition meet peppermint, chamomile, St. John’s wort, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and others. For the production of a drink using the leaves, stems, inflorescences, roots and seeds of plants. Varieties of Martini Vermouth Sparkling wine Rosso (Martini Rosso) is the first one that appears, vermouth red color.

Characterized by a bitter taste, the grassy aroma, low sugar content. Dark amber color due to the addition of caramel. Prosseco (Prosecco) – a drink made from the grape Glera, combining the aromas of fruit and cumin. Well suited to cheese meats, fish and seafood, meat dishes. Bianco (Bianco) is a white vermouth, previously called vanilla.

A variety is considered as the most fragrant and spicy. The drink straw in color, light, sweet, almost without bitterness, with vanilla flavor. Martini Bianco cocktails get more tasty and soft compared to the rest. Asti – the first sparkling wine brand Martini, made from grapes of the White Muscat. Taste is sweet, noticeable lighter shades of peach and elderberry.

Martini Rosato (Rosato) – spicy vermouth red and white wines with notes of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rose – pink semi-dry sparkling wine from red and white grapes without sugar and other additives. Cooling tech microscope software download for pc. Taste you’ll enjoy the tones of wild strawberries and raspberries.

Martini Extra Dry is an unusual combination of extracts of tree species plants, herbs, citrus and raspberry. Dry Martini Extra dry strong (18%), is a common component for making the best cocktails.

Brut is a classic sparkling wine from grapes Glera and Chardonnay or Pinot and Prosecco. Noticeable in the taste, dry notes of peach, green Apple.

The strength of the drink is 11%. Riserva Ambrato – premium white vermouth and slightly sweet notes of citrus. Riserva Rubino – premium red vermouth with a pronounced aroma of herbs and spices, tart, distinct taste.

How to make cocktails from a Martini? Vermouth is not desirable to use in its pure form, but the bartenders and Amateurs at home they are often used for the production of mixed drinks. The cocktail may include: • juices – Apple, orange, cherry; • Morse; • gene; • balm; • Amaretto; • vodka; • liquor; • tonic; • whiskey; • cognac; • champagne; • rum. For preparing a Martini at home need a broken into pieces of ice or frozen berries. From tools and accessories you will need a shaker, stainer (strainer for drinks), cocktail straws and shot glasses. All equipment must be clean, dry dried.