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› @ Suinedt In response to your comment: at 2012-03-31 00:18 CET: 'This torrent works fine, but just so everyone knows, it's not the Deluxe version of 10 Minute Trainer, it's the normal version with only 8 workouts.' You are wrong, this IS the deluxe version. The standard only comes with 5 workouts the deluxe adds 3 more. Jul 10, 2011 - July 10, 2011 –.

Mar 14, 2012 - You need to have something like a Bit Comet torrent though. Click on the second section 'download via torrent' (Magnet - DHT - Usenet). Picktorrent: tony hortons 10 minute trainer deluxe full - Free Search and Download Torrents at search engine. Download Music, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Software and more. Tony hortons 10 minute trainer deluxe full - Search and Download.

Pen I have given a comprehensive and complete review of Tony Horton's 1-on-1 Volume 1 and Volume 3 series. Now although there will NOT be a Volume 4 (the series is. So this disc will allow me to have a good 45-60 minute workout and still get in a strong 30+ minute Yoga routine.

The 10-Minute Trainer Standard program includes: 5 10-Minute workouts (Total Body, Lower Body, Cardio, Yoga Flex, Bonus Abs Routine) The 10-Minute Trainer Deluxe Upgrade includes: Everything included in the Standard kit, plus 3 additional workouts (Total Body 2, Core Cardio, Upper Body) Before you comment please make sure you have your facts straight. You can verify this information here. Thanks for the upload.

Not sure why uploader thought this was deluxe version though, as it's what's referred to as the 'base kit'. DELUXE KIT: WHAT YOU GET You get the entire 10-Minute Trainer® base kit, plus 6 additional 10-minute workouts ALL 8 10-Minute Trainer Workouts 6 More One on One 10-minute workouts THE 10 Minute Trainer WORKOUTS 10 minute trainer DVDs All you need is 10 minutes. And the 10-Minute Trainer. Workout 1: Cardio Workout Kick, lunge, and punch to blast the fat and calories. (10 minutes) Workout 2: Lower Body Workout 10 hot moves in 10 minutes help to slim your hips and thighs and lift your buns.

(10 minutes) Workout 3: Yoga Flex Keeps your body flexible, lean, and toned with an awesome, total-body stretch that takes just 10 minutes. Workout 4: Total Body Workout Just 10 minutes to sculpt your entire body from head to toe. (10 minutes) Workout 5: Abs Workout Tony's most effective ab routine ever fires up your core for a flat, firm belly. (10 minutes) 3 Advanced 10 Minute Trainer Workouts Explained. Workout 6: Total Body 2 Accelerate weight loss and build lean muscle with this premium cardio-sculpting routine.

(10 minutes) Workout 7: Core Cardio Shed fat and quickly build a slim, strong core with Tony's extreme cardio blast. (10 minutes) Workout 8: Upper Body Tone and shape arms and shoulders with these innovative trimming and toning moves. (10 minutes) PLUS: 6 additional 10-minute workouts: One on One Lower Follow Tony's moves to firm and strengthen your quads and glutes. (10 minutes) Plyo Intervals Dramatically enhance your athletic performance with this jump training workout! (10 minutes) One on One Upper Define your shoulders, arms, and back with this upper-body blowout.

(10 minutes) Cardio Intervals Kick your metabolism into high gear with fat-blasting, high-intensity drills. (10 minutes) Chest & Back Unique moves geared to get you strong FAST!

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(10 minutes) Friday Night Arms Tony's favorite time-tested workout, still just as effective. (10 minutes). @SuperDeez & @gmeades and to all the other ungrateful haters out there please try to remember that you guys are getting this for free. Now @gmeades, to address your comment: 'Not sure why uploader thought this was deluxe version though, as it's what's referred to as the 'base kit'.

' If the 2 of you, @SuperDeez & @gmeades, would pay attention you'd notice that this torrent was posted 2009-03-10 13:24:17 GMT So why did I think this was the Deluxe version, because 5 years ago IT WAS THE DELUXE VERSION! At the time of posting, and I can't state this enough, almost 5.5 years ago, this WAS the Deluxe version! If you look at the description I posted you'll even see the links I added for the Deluxe version no longer work. Just like everything else, things evolve.


BeachBody is no different and their 10 minute trainer program has evolved as well as their other training programs. As a result, what used to be the Deluxe Version is now, evidently, considered the Base Kit. When I responded to Bimbizzle's comment in November of 2013 of it not being the Deluxe Version it was still the Deluxe Version then. Now, it truly is no longer the Deluxe Version, but alas I am unable to change the information I posted to this torrent which was added almost 5.5 years ago. So let this post serve as an update so that anyone else coming across this torrent in the future won't complain that this isn't the Deluxe Version.