Download Free Microsoft Image Composer 15 Software

Aug 9, 2018 - Microsoft Photo Editor is the now-defunct image-editing app once bundled. Photos for free on Google Drive at high quality, or get up to 15GB of space if. A photo, we recommend these three free photo-editing software apps.

Today’s rapid advancements in technology, especially in laptops and hand-held electronic devices has made taking and sharing photos easier than ever before. Even our smart phones have cameras that take pictures of near professional quality. Likewise, advances have been made with applications that can allow us to accentuate the more desirable aspects of our pictures. Although most of us are familiar with photo editing software such as Adobe Photo Shop, it is a more complex program and is best used by those who have been trained on the software. The reality is that most of the features offered in more advanced programs will simply never be used by the average person. You may ask what can the novice do?

One must look at simpler software solutions that are up to the task of fixing imperfections, poor lighting, scale, size, brightness & contrast issues. In this article we will examine a few of the more common free photo editor choices available and see how they stack up to InPixio’s free photo editing software.

This is a cross-platform image manipulation program that provides 3rd party plugins and is compatible with several operating systems. It offers specialized, dedicated tools for use by scientists, professional photographers, illustrators, etc. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Although GIMP is an extremely versatile and professional software application it does tend to have a steep learning curve and is not well suited to the average computer user. • +80 original frames: Use classic frames, design frames, colored or fun frames to create unique pieces of art! • +100 filters & effects: themes likes vintage, black & white, seasons, old film, cinematic, and much more!


• +40 textures • Blur – Includes Tilt-Shift & Artistic Blur effects that bring the subject of the photo to life! • Tone Curve – used to brighten or darken tones in your image • Vignetting – Create professional looking photos with oval frames • Batch Mode – apply changes to a several photos at once • Save personal presets that can be used in a single click for future projects. InPixio Photo Editor (Free Version) makes creating professional looking photos fun and easy for even first time users. Instructions are clear and simple to understand. Once download is complete, you are ready to begin transforming all your precious photos into works of art. In no time at all you will be ready to upgrade to InPixio’s pro version of Photo Editor which offers a wide array of additional features allowing you to create even more professional photos that will impress even the seasoned photographers among your family and friends.

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