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Contents • • • • History [ ] Teleplan was founded in (near, ) in 1983. Initially, the company serviced broadcasting equipment.

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Its first customer was. As it grew, Teleplan acquired customers in the computer supply business, such as and during the PC market boom of the 1980s, by providing outsourced warranty services for the PC industry in Europe. Until 1990, Teleplan concentrated on expanding the borders of its regional foundation in order to serve customers on a larger scale. Major expansions from 1990 onwards included expanding technical knowledge, developing measuring and regulating equipment and developing software in-house in order to supervise the entire process.

By 1994, Teleplan had developed into one of the most important players in the German market in the field of CRT monitor repair with a vast number of large European customers. [ ] The German Teleplan concept was so successful [ ], client requests for Teleplan's services from other regions became too large to ignore and Teleplan began examining possibilities for establishing a physical network of branches throughout Europe.

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