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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • This tutorial aims to enable you to identify and resolve problematic patterns in memory and CPU usage in Java and Scala code using JProfiler and JVisualVM. Profilers in the Market presented these market share numbers: Comparison for Mac (named license with two years of support): Product Date File Name MB $USD JProfiler 2017-01-21 jprofiler_macos_10_0.dmg 148 MB $698 JProfiler 2016-06-21 jprofiler_macos_9_2.dmg 126 MB $698 2016 GitHub 1.3.9 13 MB free 2016.02 yjp-2016.02-b43-mac 8.7 MB $649 - - - MB $? JVisualVM VisualVM has the largest market share because perhaps it is free and is since JDK 6 update 7. The bleeding-edge version at is actively maintained by two developers in Prague, the Czech Republic. VIDEO: • from 2013. Philip Starritt has created videos on VisualVM: • in Eclipse. • of live running app.

9 July 2017 • 12 July 2017 • • Using jvisualvm to find Heap Problems • Java VisualVM - Introduction • • Introduction to Java VisualVM Java GC Monitoring with JVisualVM by Rohit Dhall JProfiler Install & License • Download from for your platform. • PROTIP: While you wait for the download, identify the version of IDE you’ll be using with JProfiler. Most developers use integrations with their IDE IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, Oracle JDeveloper. Also, get a license at $698 with a year of support. After download • Open the JProfiler installer.

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• On a Mac, drag the JProfiler icon to drop on the Applications folder. • Exit the installer dialog. • Delete (Move to Trash) the installer file to save disk space. • Use Finder to initiate JProfiler. • The first time it opens, JProfiler enters Setup.

Medcurso pdf. • Click Next to Evaluate for 10 days. IDE • Optionally: Click “[Select an IDE]” if you have one and click Integrate. See An example of IDE configuration is • Click Next, Finish. JProfiler is started up automatically. • Check “Don’t show this dialog again” and Cancel. See Sample App Leak Memory Just to walk through JProfiler’s UI, let’s look at a program provided by JProfiler to behave badly. • Click to select the “Animated Bezier Curve demo” session which JProfile provides to intentionally leak memory not garbage collected: Its code contains a “LeakMap” object.

• Click Start. • If an Evaluation version dialog appears, click “Evaluate”. The Session Starup settings dialog appears. Help and Docs • Click the Help button for context-sensitive help. PROTIP: This is the best way to access specific documentation. So if you want to review documentation on another process, open.

It presents same content as. • To continue working, click on the app dialog partially hidden by the Help dialog. Videos Among created by Ingo Kegel (CTO of the company) is. TODO: Recreate video using new verion of JProfiler, and run Scala. Startup Settings A terminal window is opened for the demo process and the main window of JProfiler displays profiling metrics. PROTIP: Probes collect measurements. • Click OK to accept the Startup Settings.

A run is begun automatically. Start and Stop GUI PROTIP: In the Terminal window opened automatically, notice “JVMTI version 1.1 detected” refers to the technology the JVM provides to enable JProfiler to obtain instrumentation data. • Click on Session Settings at the top menu: Notice we are launching a new JVM instance and using the JVM indicated referencing the relative CLASSPATH indicated. Session with Attach Alternately, blog entry shows this setting screen for attaching a running program: The app is started with this command java -cp `mapr classpath`:nyse/nyse-taq-streaming-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -agentpath:/home/mapr/jprofiler9/bin/linux-x64/ com.example.Run consumer /user/iandow/mystream:mytopic Remote access It’s “jpenable” which loads the profiling agent and makes it possible to connect with a remote session from another computer. PROTIP: The profiling agent and JProfiler GUI communicate with each other through a socket. By default, the profiling agent listens on port 8849.