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Yayāti Information Spouse, Children,,, and According to, Yayāti (: ययाति) was a and first king of. He was the son of King and his wife, daughter of and, and he was one of the ancestors of. He had five brothers: Yati, Samyati, Ayati, Viyati and Kriti, although they were the children of Virajas, daughter of the Pitris. Yayāti had conquered the whole world and was the Samrat ('Universal Monarch' or 'World Emperor'). He married and took, daughter of king and maid of Devayani as his mistress on her request.

Devayani was the daughter of, the priest of the (the ). Tovarno transportnaya nakladnaya dnr blank. After hearing of his relationship with Sharmishtha, Devayani complains to her father Shukracharya, who in turn curses Yayāti to old age in the prime of life, but later allows him to exchange it with his son,. His story finds mention in the - and also.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Genealogy and early life [ ] Brahma's son was, a Brahmarshi. Atri's son was, the Moon god.

Chandra gave rise to the or the Chandravanshi Dynasty. Chandra's son was. Budha had a son with Manu's daughter. Ila's son was, who studied under Sage. Pururavas ruled over the city of Pratishthana.

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He married Apsara and had many sons, of whom Ayus was the eldest. Ayus completed his education from Sage and married the Asura princess Prabha. Ayus's son was who was educated by the Sage. Upon 's loss of power, the gods asked Nahusha to be the new Indra. Nahusha ruled over the three worlds with the guidance of Sage for 100,000 years. Nahusha's sons headed by Yati and Yayāti were educated by thousands of Brahmarshis and the gods who used to wait upon their father. Nahusha eventually became arrogant and was punished severely.

Indra was once more reinstated as the King of Gods. The Mahabharata mentions about Yayati's achievements.

He performed 100 Rajasuyas, 100 Ashwamedhas, 100 Vajapeyas, 1000 Atiratras, 1000 Pundarikas and innumerable Agnishthomas and Chaturmasyas. Wherever he hurled as Shami stick, he performed as sacrifice. He gave away mountains of gold and billions of cows to Brahmanas.

The story [ ]. The cursed Yayāti begs forgiveness of Shukracharya The story of Yayāti appears in the nineteenth chapter of book nine of the. Yayāti's father, is transformed into a by a curse uttered by the sages as punishment for his arrogance. Yayāti's elder brother, Yati, is initially given the kingdom, but turns it down and instead becomes an. Yayāti then becomes king in his place and prospers so greatly that he is able to conquer the whole world. He appoints his four younger brothers to rule the world's. [ ] One day Sharmishtha, daughter of the king and Devayani, daughter of the sage, go with Sharmishtha's retinue to bathe in a forest pool not far from their home.