Wwe 13 Wii Save Data Download

Hey guys i currently have re done the entire wwe13 game with 50 new. I also have some Attitude era trons I downloaded that might save you. Windows 95 bootable iso torrent download windows 10. Apr 21, 2014  Download link- Copy both files to-dolphine User Wii title 0005850 data Comment please if you like.

This guide assumes that the user has no prior knowledge regarding Xbox 360 save file management. It provides a detailed step-by-step process of how to set up a USB drive, how to inject created superstars using Brien Johnson's CAW Editor, and how to repair save files so that they load correctly. The guide is broken down into 7 distinct parts, each outlining a specific step of the process from beginning to completion.

This process is the same for both retail and RGH / JTAG consoles. Necessary components to complete the steps outlined in this tutorial: • USB jump drive compatible with the Xbox 360 console • • WWE Games CAW Editor created by Brien Johnson • • WWE 13 • PC STEP 1: Configure a USB drive as a storage device OPTION A: Follow this official Xbox Tutorial:.

STEP 2: Create a new WWE 13 save file • Start WWE 13 on your Xbox 360. Make sure you are signed in with the profile with which you would like to associate your new save file. • When prompted, choose your newly configured USB drive as your storage device / save location. • You will be prompted to create new save data.

Confirm to create a new save file. • Once saved, you may power off your Xbox 360 and remove your USB device. STEP 3: Copying your created save file to your PC Note: You cannot explore an Xbox 360 device on your PC without the aid of an Xbox 360 device explorer. There are many versions of free software built for Xbox 360 device exploration. I mention some of these options below, along with my personal preferred method. Many programs exist for accomplishing this step.


I prefer using Party Buffalo, which I’ve used without fail for the past three years. I’ve also previously used Horizon, USBXTAF, Modio, and others.

If you choose to use these programs, the process should be much the same, but I will only detail the use of Party Buffalo within this tutorial. Other programs have given me corruption after multiple file transfers and rewrites, resulting in unreadable save files and the need for previous save recovery from backup files.

I’ve never experienced that issue with Party Buffalo in the multiple years I’ve used it for managing WWE saves. Tv kanali makedonija. • Plug your USB device into your PC. • Your device may automatically open an explorer window without showing any visible files.

Close this window for now. The 360 device explorer will allow you to view the contents of the device. • Download the latest version of Party Buffalo: v2.0.1.0.