World Builder Na Piratke Dlya Civilization 5

This World Builder is a very strange application. I encountered the same problem as everyone else in march 2013 with the obvious.NET errors. So I removed the SDK, removed all.NET and C++ libraries, reinstalled the SDK and windows updated the.NET packages.

All was fine until this week (w28) I guses it is related to the 'pre-patching' of CIV 5 to cope with 'Brave new World' Now the world builder hangs for ever. I found this thread: And tried the solution provided.


The World builder starts, BUT!! It just doesn't work.

The map scripts returns nothing. Audio Maps saved from within the game won't load, etc. So its useless.

Civilization 5 Q&A. Civ 5 WorldBuilder not launching. It happened after I tried loading the World Builder a second time after installing it. I posted on here.

Any Firaxis members around to tell us if there is a new World builder(SDK) comming soon? As a sidenote, why won't microsoft make the.NET C++ packages backward compatible? So we could have one package and not x^y for each application which uses them. Originally posted by:generally there are much bigger civ hubs like civfanatics and such. If they were going to have a prescence it'd probably be in those much older and bigger community sites.

If you have a bizarre esoteric mod question civfanatics/apolyton is a far better resource imho. I don't know how Civ Fanatics can be considered to be a bigger Civ hub than Steam. Civ Fanatic has 15 Civ V active threads in the past 24 hours. Steam has over 160 active threads in the past 24 hours. I think it's strange that Firaxis doesn't have a presence on Steam as well. The only thing that I can think of is that Steam is too busy for them to be able to effectively communicate and respond (but, really, I don't buy that.) Edited to add: Found a specific Civ V BNW subforum with 61 active threads in the past 24 hours.

Combined that's 76 active threads which is still less than half of the 160 on Steam. I guess it's a matter of perception?

It is not like previous civs I guess where it was in the 'menu' tab. I did the mod >single player >started a map and I do not see anything that lets me go into world builder while playing. So I saved the map. I started world builder and then loaded the map. But I am not familiar enough with the functions and it is not showing me my units (which I even turned everything off to see nothing but units) or where my starting point is at. Making it very confusing for me. I could figure it out eventually but why?

I would have to save the map. Switch to WB.(ALT-TAB) Load the map. Do what I want, switch back to game and then load it back. If it wasn't for the loading I would be all for it. I hate the loading on Civ always takes to long.

Especially later in the game. Main reason why I never really use the save/load for a better goodie hut. OR Am I a clueless idiot and I still am not getting it?