Vray Dlya Sketchup 2016 32 Bit

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Yes I would second what sketch3d_de said check out as long as you dont upgrade to Sketchup 2017 anytime soon and as long as you dont have a High DPI screen or Monitor Twilight Render is great and its fast and its very easy to get your head around even for a noob like me. The best part is it renders inside Sketchup so you dont have to export to an external render program! I used it very successfully (albeit briefly in SU Pro 2016 64 bit) and if you like it its only a one time payment of $99 which isnt bad when you compare it to ludicrous priced applications like Lumion which I like to call Ludicrous Lumion $$$$$!!! Also isnt bad at all although you would have to install both the plugin and the external renderer and then export your models to kerkythea to Render them but not bad because it is also free! Yes it probably is compatible and it certainly does the job if you are prepared to sit with your screen under a magnifier. I think this is only a problem for those of us with either touchscreens or high dpi monitors or a combo of both like in my case so if you dont have either of these- plug away and install Twilight as I said it renders in Sketchup which is a massive bonus if you can actually see the window, sadly I cannot, well not very well anywaythat was yesterdaytonight i just fired up sketchup pro 2017 and lo and behold if you open any of the twilight tools from the extensions tab rather than one of the buttons it is actually usuable, sort of? With the exception of the material editor which still doesnt want to fully open?!