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Noveltech Vocal Enhancer Tips and Hacks. Mixing vocals with Plugin Alliance and McDSP plugins. Media Videos Images Overview. VOCAL ENHANCER™ intelligently improves the relevant characteristics found in your vocal recordings. Heard on countless hits by top engineers around the globe. Spavner dlya variant omega 2.

Tony Maserati on the VX1 Vocal Enhancer: “The VX1 is a compact package for full vocal control, whether you need to squeeze the most emotion out subtle performance or engulf it in a room with a full band production. This plugin has all the processing you need for Vocals. Contour 1 will give you a studio or small venue room; Contour 2 is a larger chamber with reflective pre-delays, most suited for slow ballads; and Contour 3 is set up for quicker tempo songs with a very small room and matching pre-delay.' Features: • All-in-one multi-effect plugin for vocals • Created in collaboration with mixing engineer Tony Maserati • Bring Maserati's multi-Platinum sound to your studio! What is SoundGrid?

The SoundGrid Studio System is an open platform that seamlessly integrates with most popular DAWs and SoundGrid-compatible I/Os, providing endless possibilities for setups of every size from a single DAW with one SoundGrid I/O, to a whole network of host computers, I/Os, and SoundGrid DSP servers. With its dynamic I/O mapping ability, the SoundGrid Studio Application lets you configure your SoundGrid network, manage its various components, and set up any combination of SoundGrid-compatible devices. Its configuration module lets you assign and route drivers and hardware devices. The SoundGrid Studio Application also enables I/O sharing between several computers whose resources are managed from the designated host computer.