Viktor Tornbolj Kurs Lichnogo Magnetizma

Apr 17, 2017  Gradjansko novinarstvo je prikaz stvarnosti kakvom je mi vidimo, stvarnije stvarnosti. Gradjansko novinarstvo je izvod iz. Viktor Novak (4 February 1889, Donja Stubica – 1 January 1977, Belgrade), was a Yugoslav historian, professor at the University of Belgrade and full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), and a corresponding member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (JAZU).

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Contents • • • • • Playing career [ ] He was born in one of the villages in,, to ethnic parents. In the city of he started his career into the big football. In 1961 he moved to where he spent 8 years of his playing career for. During this time he was considered as one of the best players, and together with he won the in 1967 and 1968. Also he was the member of the Soviet national team that took fourth place at the. As the member of the he also was the holder of the Soviet Cup in 1964 and 1966.

In 1968, he made a record that never was broken in the Soviet football by goalkeeping for 1122 minutes without conceding a single goal. In 1972 now with he also won the Soviet Cup competition. Professional career and awards [ ] During his playing career, five times he was named to the symbolic dream team (33 of the best) which was picked on an annual basis.

At the end of the 70s he was on the coaching positions for couple of Ukrainian teams. In 1991, he earned the distinguished master of sport of USSR award. He held a title of a distinguished coach of the. From 1991 to 1996 he was the president of the and until 2001 he stayed there as the vice-president. He had initiated the first official match for the.

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He had been awarded the Ruby Order of 'For service'. He dedicated his whole life to and particularly to the development of the Ukrainian football. National team [ ] In his 14 international representations for his country he allowed 13 goals and won only six of them. His first game for the National Team was on 29 November 1964 against Bulgaria which was ties at nil.

The most disastrous game came against Sweden in 1972 where he allowed three(!) goals and was substituted. The game was tied at four, and it was his last game on the international level. Having a great career at the club level, his international record was kind of shaky. His best game for the national team was against Wales at home grounds in 1965 (2:1 win). Bannikov lost only a single game when the national team yielded to Brazil at home in 1965 (0:3).

Viktor Tornbolj Kurs Lichnogo Magnetizma

References [ ]. • ( 1960–61) • ( 1967–70) • ( 1971–72) • ( 1972) • ( 1973) • ( 1974–76) • ( 1977–78) • ( 1980) • ( 1981) • ( 1986) • ( 1987–89) • ( 1989) • ( 1990) • ( 1991) • ( 1992) • ( 1992–93) • ( 1994) • ( 1994) • ( 1995) • ( 1995) • ( 1995) • ( 1996) • c ( 1996) • ( 1996–97) • ( 1997–98) • ( 1998) • ( 1998) • ( 1998) • ( 1998–99) • ( 1999) • ( 1999) • ( 2000) • ( 2000) • ( 2000) • ( 2001) • ( 2001) • ( 2001–03) • ( 2004) • ( 2004) • c ( 2004) • ( 2004) (c) = Preceded by (as the president of Football Federation of ) 1991–1996 Succeeded.

Representing the Team Team World Championships Team Team 1964 Innsbruck Team Team Team Team 1968 Grenoble Team Team Team Viktor Sergeevich Konovalenko (11 March 1938 – 20 February 1996) was a Soviet. He led the Soviet team to the Olympics gold medals in 1964 and 1968, to the title in 1963–1968, 1970 and 1971, and to the European title in 1963–68 and 1970. He was named the in the Soviet league in 1970 and was inducted into the in 2007.

Konovalenko played his entire career from 1956–72 for Torpedo Gorky (now ); he never won a national title, and once placed second (in 1961). As a goaltender of the Soviet team he replaced, and in 1971, he was succeeded. In retirement he worked as a goaltender coach with Torpedo Gorky and later became director of the Torpedo Gorky sports arena, which was renamed to the after his death. References [ ].