Victor Sarasqueta Shotgun Serial Numbers

I purchased a Victor Sarasqueta shotgun imported by Stoeger. However the first 2 digits of serial number (AM) don't line up with the. Apr 20, 2018 - The firm of Victor Sarasqueta was founded in 1883 and received a Royal Warrant as a purveyor to the King of Spain in 1902.

Anyone know anything about these? I just picked one up at a local gun store for 400. From the little bit of research I've done it appears that some of these models can go for a bit more than that. It's in excellent shape and if I did the year proof code right I think it was made in 1973. I think its a side lock and the store owner was pretty certain it was. But from what I understand some of these were box locks with plates over them to make them look like side locks? Anyway I'm pretty clueless when it comes to side by sides so any info is appreciated.

Hunter Posts: 26 Joined: Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:22 pm Location: Utah/Nevada. Rebel, I'm pretty sure that V Sarasqueta didn't make any side plate guns, though in that period, he was making guns 'to order' for various importers. The only way to tell for certain is to remove the lock plate. Barring that, look closely at the lock plate. If you can see the pins, it's a pretty good bet that it's a sidelock.

As far as Victor Sarasqueta guns are concerned, as Terry Weiland put it, 'the Gunmaker to the King'. During the 40s, 50s and 60s, V. Sarasqueta guns were considered the best to come out of Spain. And while Jack O'Connor favored Aya, I believe that Col. Askins was a Sarasqueta man. Sarasqueta produced and exported guns under his own name as well as building guns for some pretty high grade importers such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Stoeger.

Both considered first class at the time. If you can post some pictures of the barrels, (top and bottom) and the locks, I can probably tell you a little more about the gun. Highster mobile pro edition download At the very least, don't shoot any 'magnum' loads out of it. Spanish guns have a reputation of having 'soft steel'.

That is hardly true. What is true is that the Basques build their guns for a particular purpose, just like the British, whom they strive to emulate. Their barrels are light and very strong, as is their actions. However, the gun is built to shoot a particular load. That load based on the British idea that each bore size has a particular natural load. In 12ga, 1 1/4oz. In 20, 7/8, etc.

The whole of the gun, the barrels, the action and the stock, are designed to withstand repeated discharges of these loadings without suffering any ill effects from excessive recoil. On the other hand, a steady diet of 'magnums' ill ultimately cause the action to loosen. Odds are that your Sarasqueta is a well made gun that, with proper care, will provide a lifetime of shooting.


Hi guys, Found this 12ga. Side-by-side Victor Sarasqueta gun at a local gunshop and was wondering if anybody knows anything about these guns? It's a non-ejector, side lock with a hidden third fastener. Splinter fore-end with a straight grip stock and automatic safety. Has light engraving on it.

It seems to be a plain, but well made gun. The thing that has me interested is the third fastener. Most english guns don't even have a third fastener, which makes me think that this gun may be a few notches above Sarasequeta's lowest grade. Maybe the third fastener was standard on all of their guns, don't know The wood-to-metal fit is exceptional;very well done. Overall condition is nice and has not been re-finished Any ideas or thoughts? Many of the Sarasqueta doubles in this country have Stoeger importer marks on them. Generally excellent field grade guns.

Main issue with them seems to be that the single trigger guns have an unfortunate habit of doubling.NOT fun in any shotgun; much less fun in a 12. This is a fairly common problem in Spanish doubles of the '50s to '70s.

If you post pix or detailed description of the markings on the water table and barrel flats on 'The Doublegun BBS' forum, the guys over there can tell you a lot more. - 04/14/09 Re: Victor Sarasqueta shotgun [] Joined: Jul 2006 Posts: 310 Campfire Regular Campfire Regular Joined: Jul 2006 Posts: 310.