Vag Round Kirillica Shrift

Cyrillic type design. Moscow-based designer of the round brush typeface Boom Boom Type. Created the broken bones font Krukevichu Shrift in 2015. Kubota Introduces the New KX033-4 Compact Excavator. Wed January 18, 2017 - National Edition CEG. Kubota KX033-4 compact excavator. Redefining Efficiency, Stability and Comfort in the 3-Ton Class.

Font examples last updated on Sat Mar 9 10:07:54 EST 2019 SEARCH THIS SITE: IMAGE SEARCH: FONT RECOGNITION VIA Font examples A picture page with many great lettering examples. [] [] [David Levine] Travel brochure and travel poster lettering from the 1920s and 1930s, art directed by David Levine.

[] [] A list of links to good free clean legible fonts collected by someone in Edmonton. Well, with a few exceptions like Linotype's Helvetica Neue. Here is that list: Anivers,,,,,,,,,, Decker, Diavlo,,, Engel Light,,,,,,,, Forgotten Futurist,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mammagamma,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (see also ),,,,, Tradition Sans,,, Weezer,. [] [] Great examples of type on posters and photoshop examples. [] [] [Ludwig Gatzke] Ludwig Gatzke's collection of 400 logos of web companies. [] [] Faces made from glyphs. [] [] Examples of simple but elegant or surprising typographic posters.

[] [] A Kalamazoo, MI-based designer working on (2004), a blackletter bitmap face. Examples of typographic posters done at Friends of Type in 2010:,,. In 2012, while studing at Type@Cooper under Jesse Ragan, he published the beautiful angular typeface. [] [] Palo Alto, CA-based designer of a stunning in 2013. [] [] Great letterer and poster designer in Brooklyn, NY.

I particularly like the music poster (2009) done for the Peephole Band. [] [] Creator of the (painted) illustrated caps called (). [] [] PDF files of hundreds of fonts that are used in Academic Computing Labs. [] [] now lives in Brussels, and has taken a job as.

In 2010, he published a,. His - is quite amazing, and so are. In 2011, he continues his amazing mixtures of typography and illustration in his design of a wall logo for in Moscow. He also made the hairdo experimental caps typeface (2011). More fashion and vamp illustrations:,,,, Sofitel Brussels Le Louise (2011).

[] [] Student at the University of Leeds (UK) who made a nice in 2011. [] [] Handletterer and from Budapest. He created (, futuristic/alchemic). [] [] Twocester, UK-based creator of an alphabet collage entitled Traditional Versus Radical (2014).

[] [] [Nontype] [] Krakow, Poland-based designer of some in 2012. [] [] Flickr page by Agence Eureka, which has scanned many lettering books from the art deco era and the immediate post-war era. [] [] Designer in Udine, Italy, who touched me with her beautifully lettered logo design (2012). [] [] Giza, Egypt-based designer of the typographic poster (2013) for the movie by the same name. [] [] Designer from Alexandria, Egypt, who created a typographic poster in 2013 entitled. [] [] Egyptian graphic designer. Creator of a (2010).

[] [] Eskisehir, Turkey-based type and graphic designer, who created (). Also, check out his (2010). Kartoteka eksperimentov v starshej gruppe.

[] [] Great graphic designer from Valencia, Spain. At, she showed a trendy blingy smoky (2009). In 2010, she made an equally fine poster for Berlin. [] [] During her studies at FADU / UBA in Buenos Aires, Ailen Carcaba created the italic stylish poster typeface Honduras 122 (2015), the origami typeface paper Type (2014). Her poster for Brian De Palma's film Phantom of the Paradise (2014) is also noteworthy.

[] [] Colombo, Sri Lanka-based graphic designer who created a stunning letter F in 2017. [] [] Seattle, WA-based graphic designer. Creator of a beautifully in 2013. [] [] Nottingham / Derby, UK-based designer.

He made the straight-edged experimental display typefaces (2013: EPS format typeface) and (2013). In 2016, he published an all caps poster entitled Alphabetica and the octagonal typeface family Ghetto.

[] [] Poster artist, whose lettering on from 1922 inspired Nick Curtis to make ToonervilleNF. [] [] Graphic designer in Tijuana, Mexico, who created a beautiful engineering style El Grill logo in 2015. [] [] Guttenberg, NJ-based creator of a few fun typographic posters based on quotes from the main characters in the show Mad Men.

Vag Round Kirillica Shrift

I especially like Remember Don, when God closes a door, he opens a dress (2011) and I'm not a solution to your problems. I'm another problem (2011). [] [] A bunch of holes with no 'a's. [] [] Located in Colombia, SC, Aldrena made a few nice typographic posters in 2010, illustrating typefaces such as,.

[] [] During her studies in Monterrey, Mexico, Alejandra Garza designed a great typographic poster entitled Rafael Coronel Retrofutura (2014). Alejandra mixed Fette Unz Fraktur, IFC Los Banditos, and DIN Next LT Pro to obtain the hybrid typeface Oldtime Circus (2014).

To celebrate Andy Warhol, she designed Pop Art Type in 2014. [] [] Graphic designer in Bogota, Columbia, who created (2012, hexagonal). [] [] Graphic designer in Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic.