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Flag of Siberian Tatars. Presumably, the blue color means belonging to the Turkic people, green means relation to Islam. White is the symbol of Siberia. The crescent and eight-pointed star is found in Muslim and Turkic peoples.

Three sheets indicate three dialects of the Siberian-Tatar people. Siberian Tatars historically lived in the vast territory stretching from around the all the way to the area lying somewhat east of the. According to the ambassadors of the ruler, who visited Moscow in 1555, the population of 'the black people,' not counting the aristocracy, was 30,700. In a decree concerning tribute issued by, the population was given as 40,000.

According to the results of the 1897 All-Russia Census, there were 56,957 Siberian Tatars in Tobolsk guberniya. This was the last accurate information about this population.

In later censuses, immigrants from the other regions of Russia were also recorded under the classification of Tatar. The Siberian Tatars tried to avoid the census as much as possible, as they believed that it was an attempt to force them to pay the (tribute). Main article: The Bukhalyks, literally 'those from the city of ' are descendents of 15th- and 16th-century fur merchant colonies from. These settlers have now merged entirely with Siberian Tatars.

Famous Siberian Tatars [ ] • - sculptor; • - World War II hero; • - World War II hero; • - World War II hero; • - holder of the Order of glory; • - World War II hero; • - hero of the Russian Federation; • - mufti, president of the; • - rhythmic gymnast; • - imam, pan-Islamist, journalist, traveller; • - World War II veteran, colonel, pedagogist, journalist, historian, sibirologist, ethnographer, professor; • - writer; • - writer (with also some ancestry); • - writer; • - poet. See also [ ] • Notes [ ]. • (in Russian) • //. • ^ • ^ Bennigsen, Alexandre; Wimbush, S. Enders (1986). 'The Siberian Tatars'.


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• ^ Tumasheva D.G. Dialects of the Siberian Tatar language: experience of the comparative research. Kazan, 1977 (in Russian) External links [ ] • • • • • • References [ ] •.