Timing Solution Serial Number

Downloading Timing Solution from Internet Installing Electronic key version Updating Timing Solution from Internet and Troubleshooting Step #1 Open website and click 'User Area' menu: Type your username and password and click 'Access': Follow one of these link: • If Timing Solution software is already installed on your computer and you need to download the latest upgrade with the latest changes in the software, follow section. • If you need to install Timing Solution on a new computer from scratch or reinstall the software, follow section. Wait for several seconds. If you are downloading the latest upgrade, follow these steps: Step #2 Make sure that your version of Timing Solution software is closed on your computer. Step #3 click Open button If you operating system is Windows 8.X you will get this dialog box: if Windows XP this one: Step #4 Wait a bit while the program is downloading.

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You will see at the bottom the panel with these buttons, click 'Open': It is possible that the security system on your computer may ask you something like this: 'A program needs your permission to continue' or this: Click 'Allow'. Programma dlya klyucha indezit1229096. Step #5 Double click on this folder: Step #6 It is possible that the security system will ask your permission again; click 'Allow'. If your operating system is Windows 8, you will get this message: Click 'More info' and click 'Run anyway' button: Step #7 Now click 'Next' button to start the installation of Timing Solution software on your computer: If you are downloading the installer (not upgrade) i.e. Installing Timing Solution on your computer from scratch, follow these steps: • after the installation, open 'Timing Solution' folder and run 'Timing Solution' program: You will get a dialog window: In this window, you need to enter your user name of your choice. Your Hardware ID (the unique number belonging to your machine) will be displayed automatically;• to activate the program, send us your Username and Hardware ID (as in the window shown above). The best way to do is click this button:.

The program sends this information to clipboard, and you paste this information into e-mail (menu Edit -> Paste or Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert keys). • We will send you the Serial number of your Electronic Key by e-mail; • open again 'Timing Solution' folder and run 'Timing Solution Advanced' program. In the dialog window, type this Serial Number and the Username; click on 'Register' button. After that, you will be available to use this program on your computer. Remember: to install the Electronic Key version on some other computer or to use the program on the same machine after you do the hardware upgrade of your computer, you should get the new Serial number (free).

Timing Solution Serial Number

Troubleshooting #1 If you get this message: It means that Timing Solution is not installed on your computer or the installation is not completed. You should run installer first (through User Area) and after that install the upgrade: Troubleshooting #2 After installation of the upgrade, you should get the latest version of the software. The built date is shown here: If this date is not correct, follow this: 1) Check that Timing Solution software is closed while you are downloading the upgrade. 2) Remove these files from folder manually: In order to do that follow these steps: a) Start->Computer b) Highlight c: driver c) Choose folder d) Highlight these files and click 'Delete': AFTER THAT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE UPGRADE ONCE AGAIN.

• Start Norton AntiVirus. If Norton AntiVirus is part of Norton SystemWorks or Norton Internet Security, then start that program. • Click Options > Norton AntiVirus. • In the left pane, click Auto-Protect. • In the right pane, check Enable Auto-Protect and Start Auto-Protect when Windows starts up (recommended). • Under 'Select the duration,' select Permanently from the drop-down menu. Troubleshooting #5 If you get this message, 'File access denied': it means that the program has no access to the file system on your computer.