Testi Po Elektrotehnike I Elektronike S Otvetami

Laboratorijske vežbe iz Osnova digitalne elektronike ETF u Beogradu, Odsek za elektroniku 3 C.2. Kombinaciona mreža sa nekim od osnovnih logičkih kola (VHDL opis, simulacija i verifikacija dizajna) Na slici 3 je prikazana logička šema kombinacione mreže koja je predmet ovog zadatka. Na slici su označeni ulazni, izlazni i unutrašnji signali. Test, Inspection and Measurement Systems for SMT, IC Packaging and Board Manufacturing.

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Testi po elektrotehnike i elektronike s otvetami free

Sadržaj • Kvantna mehanika • Fotoni • Elektroni • Atomi • Čestice • Talasi Description When do photons, electrons, and atoms behave like particles and when do they behave like waves? Watch waves spread out and interfere as they pass through a double slit, then get detected on a screen as tiny dots. Opisanie pacyuka v noch pered rozhdestvom

Use quantum detectors to explore how measurements change the waves and the patterns they produce on the screen. Primjeri obrazovnih ciljeva • Visualize a photon, electron, neutron, or helium atom as a wave packet that collapses upon detection. • Visualize what happens to the wave between slit and screen.

• Justify how the double slit experiment explains that matter and light behave as waves. • Describe the behavior of a wave function in the presence of a detector, and explain how putting a detector over a slit destroys the interference pattern. Determine how the interference pattern will change if you change the mass, speed, or wavelength. • Recognize large range of size scales involved in quantum interference experiments. • Recognize that two coherent light sources can interfere, but only if they have the same wavelength. Kathy Perkins, Carl Wieman UG-Intro (VSŠ) DZ Fizika Sam McKagan, Kathy Perkins, Carl Wieman, and Noah Finkelstein UG-Adv (VSŠ2) UG-Intro (VSŠ) KP Demo Fizika Sam McKagan, Kathy Perkins, and Carl Wieman UG-Adv (VSŠ2) UG-Intro (VSŠ) DZ Fizika Julia Chamberlain HS (VŠ) UG-Intro (VSŠ) Ostalo Hemija Trish Loeblein HS (VŠ) Ostalo Hemija Nauka o Zemlji Biologija Fizika Sarah Borenstein MS (SŠ) Ostalo Hemija Fizika Biologija Nauka o Zemlji Elyse Zimmer HS (VŠ) MS (SŠ) Ostalo Biologija Fizika Hemija Roberta Tevlin HS (VŠ) Demo KP DZ Fizika Patricia Abdel Rahim UG-Adv (VSŠ2) Lab Fizika.