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This is where my budget information will go, including goal costs as well as ACTUAL costs. Rough goal 12-14 months rent @ $800 per month brings costs [hopefully] between $9,600 and $11,200. This is a learning process and I am working on getting items donated/sponsored and I really have no idea where my budget will come in at. This is just my starting goal.

Actual Money Spent: $20 11-17-11 – ‘Go House Go’ book from (PAD) Portland Alternative Dwellings, for details on connecting the trailer and the house as well as moisture barrier information. $500 11-19-11 – 24’ flatbed goose-neck trailer with 5’ dovetail, 8’ wide.

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Hello and greetings- finding your project interesting. – Love the idea of radient floor heating- I am drawn to the rain screen idea- are the planters for ivy a gray water system? The rain screen will also help keep the house cool in summer by shading the house. The climate you expect to live in your house on wheels also really affects the design- are there such things as co-op camp grounds for tiny homes?

Have a communal. Laundry/bathhouse building- well interesting to look at your progress- did you really break your back? I’m so glad you find my site interesting, I’m sorry for being so pokey getting back to you, big week!

I’m glad the systems I am using are intriguing. The ivy set-up is only a grey water system in the fact that I have located them (intentionally) where they will be watered by the roof run-off, in theory I won’t have to water them. I am collecting my grey water from my sinks and showers for use in my garden though, that is a little more in depth grey water system.


My thoughts with the plants on the house and the rain-screen was that it will lessen the cooling load by basically keeping it in shade constantly. I am not aware of any co-ops but that is a stellar idea! There are a couple people locally (Boise Idaho) that I know who are looking into the idea, and I know Jay Shafer (formally of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes) has some ideas on the boards for his new company (Four Lights). I am sure there are others, Boneyard Studios is trying to do something like that I suppose but not quite the same, I like your idea much better! I am actually looking into how to go about doing a tiny house development, turns out there is quite a bit to it and they are so specialized that I am not sure how viable it really is.

That and it seems like a lot of people build them to in part get away from people makes me wonder if it is really viable I hope it is! Thank you so much for your questions and your kind words, I did actually break my back, in two places not fun though the foot almost sucks worse, sometimes I just really want to go for a run but I cant! Life goes on some day soon I will be able to 🙂. Thank you, I am glad to be a good middle point of reference for you and your husband, that is great to be able to hit both sides!

🙂 Thanks for the kind words! The stove was a freebie from a friend who had a camper he was demoing, he let me pick through it for anything I wanted, the stove ended up being the only thing I used but it works great! I have had others tell me they can buy them online at recycled RV shops (I didn’t know there was such a thing!) and also on Craigslist.