Tekst Na Anglijskom Yazike 5000 Znakov Po Ekonomike S Perevodom

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A Psalm of Revelation I really enjoy reading the Psalms and noticing how each one highlights the differences between believers and unbelievers. The focus of Psalm 21 is primarily on the one who has faith in God. As a believer, I trust in God, ask for His help, and sing praises and rejoice in Him. God answers me, blesses me, and welcomes me into His presence. He crowns me and bestows upon me glory and majesty -- what a picture of my ultimate coronation in heaven, when God will actually place on my head a crown with jewels representative of what I have done for Him while on this earth. Along with splendor and majesty, He pours out victories, blessings, joy, love, and eternal life. Upon the unbelievers, who are His enemies and have plotted evil against Him in their wicked schemes, He will pour forth fire.

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The picture is one of God siezing them with one hand while shooting an arrow with the other. The similarities to other passages in the Bible that talk about what happens after this life are striking. It makes me wonder if David had a revelation of the end similar to what Daniel and John experienced and wrote about.

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Tekst na anglijskom yazike 5000 znakov po ekonomike s perevodom 1

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