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Safety Data Sheets and Article Information Sheets Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemical products and Article Information Sheets (AIS), for items such as printing plates and equipment, contain country specific regulatory information. While SDSs and AISs may also be available for other products to provide guidance on their safe use and disposal, their existence does not imply that the product is subject to regulation as a chemical substance or mixture. To search for a SDS or AIS: • Choose a Report Category (Product SDS or Article Information Sheet). • Choose a Country/Language. Note: Not all reports exist in all languages. • To find SDS: Enter the catalog/reorder number (with no spaces or hyphens) or the partial/full product name obtained from product label in the appropriate search field. To find AIS: Enter the partial/full product name obtained from the product label in the Keyword search field.

Tayanie Snegov Pohozhie Filjmi

• Click the search button. Couldn’t locate your Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? In the event you have searched for a SDS and could not locate the information, the following may be helpful. Plates and Equipment KO DAK Plates and KODAK Equipment do not require a SDS because under normal conditions these products do not pose a physical hazard or health risk. Kodak Brand Partner Products The information you are requesting may be for a product which is sold by a company considered a Kodak Brand Partner. In this case, contact our Kodak Brand Partner directly for SDS or product information.

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Batteries Please contact Strand Europe at Consumer and Professional Photographic Products and Document Scanners Please contact Kodak Alaris at Divested Products The information you are requesting may be for a product which has been sold to another company as part of a divestiture. In this case, contact that company directly for SDS or product information.

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Medical, Dental and Industrial X-ray Products Please contact Carestream Health, Inc. At 1-888-777-2072 or Laboratory and Research Chemicals Please contact Fisher Chemical Company at 1-800-766-7000 or Fibers and Plastics Please contact Eastman Chemical Company at 423-229-2000.