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13 8 SWITCHGEAR AND PROTECTION Course Code: 13EE1119 L 4 T 0 P 0 C 3 Pre requisites: Electrical Machines and Power Transmission Engineering Course Educational Objectives: ✤ To discuss the need for the protection and various protection schemes. ✤ To study different relays characteristics character istics ✤ To understand the method of circuit breaking, arcing phenomena – various arc theories theories - capacitive and inductive inductive breaking Course Outcomes: ✤ Students acquire knowledge in the field of power system protection, circuit breakers and relays.

✤ Students will gain ability to design the relevant protection systems for the main elements of a power system. UNIT-I ( 12 L ec tu re s) CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Principle of operation – RRRV – Current chopping- Circuit Breaker ratings and specifications, specifica tions, Testing Testing of Circuit Breakers. Constructi onal features and selection Constructional select ion of LT LT breakers (Miniature circuit circui t breakers/Metal clad circuit breakers/Earth leakage circuit breaker) and HT breakers (Air blast circuit breaker-Oil circuit breakers-SF6 CBVacuum Circuit Circuit Breakers) Breakers) UNIT-II ( 12 L ec t u re s ) PROTECTIVE RELA RELAYS-I: YS-I: Electromagnetic Relays: Principle of Operation and Construction of Attracted armature, Balanced Balanc ed Beam, induction Disc and Induction Cup relays. Relays Classification: Instantaneous, DMT and IDMT types, G V P College of Engineering (Autonomous) 2013 13 9 Application of relays: Over current, Under voltage, Directional, Differential and Percentage Differential.

UNIT-III (12 Lectures) PROTECTIVE RELAYS-II: Universal Torque Equation, Distance relays: Impedance, Reactance and Mho and Off-Set Mho relays, Characteristics of Distance Relays and Comparison. Static Relays, Static Relays verses Electromagnetic Relays. Microprocessor Based Relays: impedance, directional, reactance, Mho & offset Mho and mathematical expression for distance relay. UNIT-IV (12 Lectures) PROTECTION OF GENERATORS, TRANSFORMERS, FEEDERS AND BUS BARS: Protection of Generators against Stator faults, Rotor faults, and Abnormal Conditions. Restricted Earth Fault, Numerical Problems on% Winding Unprotected. Percentage Differential Protection of transformers, Numerical Problems on Design of CT’s Ratio, BUCHHOLTZ Relay Protection Protection of transmission Lines: Over Current, Carrier Current and Three-zone Distance Relay Protection using Impedance Relays.


Simulyator sinumerik 840d programmu operate. Translay Relay. Protection of Bus bars – Differential protection. UNIT-V (12 Lectures) GROUNDING TECHNIQUES & OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTIONS: Grounded and Ungrounded Neutral Systems- Effects of Ungrounded Neutral on system performance- Methods of Neutral Grounding, Arcing Grounds and Grounding Practices. Protection against Over Voltages- Volt-Time Characteristics- Valve type and Zinc-Oxide Lighting Arresters - Insulation Coordination-BIL, Impulse Ratio, Standard Impulse Test Wave. TEXT BOOKS: 1.