Steinberg Key Usb Elicenser Emulator

Hi, this will maybe sound silly but I have to ask. Is there any way to emulate my own eLicenser?

I am not asking someone else license, or an illegal license. I just want to know if it is possible to copy the whole data of the key and be able to use Cubase without this oversize stupid ass usb dongle. Because hacker can use this software for free, without this oversize usb dongle, and honest customer who paid for it are penalize with this piece of shit hardware! It may sound like a no big deal for some of you, but for the way I use it, on the road, it is a real pain in the ass. I am always stressed out about loosing this dongle before an important work.and also for those who use a macbook pro with only 2 usb port, it really sucks to only have one port left either for the soundcard or for a midi controller. It would be great if Steinberg shrink down this hardware enough so I dont have to unplugged it to carry my laptop and incorporate a hub in it so I wont loose my usb port (Steinberg worker, if you read this, please take a note!). But until then, is there a way to emulate it?

Thank you • • • • •. It throws up error messages although sometimes you can still save and close, re-insert the dongle and continue. A good tip is to get yourself a short USB extension cable. That way the dongle is not a rigid thing sticking out of your port.

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The USB-eLicenser (formerly 'Steinberg Key') is a copy protection unit (sometimes called 'dongle') which is needed to use Steinberg's software range. USB-eLicenser (Steinberg Key) Access Professional Audio Software from Steinberg The USB-eLicenser (formerly 'Steinberg Key') is a copy protection unit (sometimes called 'dongle') which is needed to use Steinberg's software range.

Way harder to break, although still not ideal. Personally I don't know why they can't adopt the Propellerheads method. 3d model orion. There's a hardware 'ignition key', but you can also authorize your computer as a key and you can use online activation. Your username and password is enough to unlock the software.

Of course you can only use one method at a time but it means you can work just about anywhere you have internet, and Reason 8 still hasn't been cracked yet. So what's Steinberg's excuse?!