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Contents Introduction............ 4 Answer Section........... 19 Interlocutor Cards........... 72 Tapescripts............

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78 Workbook Key........... 106 Workbook Tapescripts.......... Starlight 11 is a modular secondary level course for learners studying English at B2 level. It is ideally suited to students preparing for the Russian National Examination in English. It also aims to develop well-roundedlanguage competence which fully meets the criteria of B2 level, and it provides an invaluable learning foundation for students preparing for any typical B2-orientedexam.

According to the European Framework of Reference, students at level B2 are able, among other things, to: understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics; interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes interaction with native speakers quite possible; produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects; and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. Starlight 11 aims at the balanced development of all four language skills, while allowing for a flexibility of approach which makes it suitable for all classes, including large or mixed-abilityclasses. The course incorporates both a cross-culturaland cross-curricularapproach, and its syllabus reflects the guidelines of the Council of Europe Framework. The coursebook consists of five modules of 30-32pages each, covering a wide variety of topics.

The Workbook provides supplementary practice in the full range of relevant language skills. Anno 1404 venice serial. Course Components Student’s Book The Student’s Book is the main component of the course.

It consists of five modules of thirteen or fourteen units each. Each unit is based on a single theme and covers a wide variety of related topics. All units follow the same basic format (See Elements of the Coursebook). Teacher’s Book &Teacher’s Notes The Teacher’s version of the coursebook reproduces the Student’s version, overprinted with a Key to the exercises. Longer answers which cannot fit on the overprinted page are contained in the Answer Section of these Teacher’s Notes (pp. 19-71),together with the Interlocutor Cards for RNE Speaking tasks (pp.

The Teacher’s Notes also contains a full Key to the exercises in the Workbook (pp. 106-128),as well as tapescripts of all listening material in the Student’s book (pp. 78-105)and the Workbook (pp. The notes entitled Teaching Starlight 11 provide outlines of the format of each section in a module, plus detailed, step-by-stepsuggestions on how to teach each. Exercise in Module 1. (Naturally, teachers may choose to omit, extend or adapt any of the material in the Student’s Book at their discretion, to suit the particular needs of their class.) In addition, there is a section entitled General Teaching Techniques which deals with issues such as how to present new vocabulary, correct students’ errors, and so on; there is also a section entitled Types of Learning Styles, which describes the various learning aptitudes different students exhibit, and how these may be catered for. Workbook The Workbook consists of five modules, which complement the themes and content of the corresponding modules in the Student’s Book, and contain elements specifically designed to extend and consolidate learning through a wide variety of tasks.

Each module contains seven two-pagesections: three Reading & Vocabulary sections, Listening & Speaking, Use of English,Writing and Vocabulary & Grammar. As mentioned above, the Key to all exercises in the Workbook are contained in this Teacher’s Book. Test Booklet The Test Booklet contains 5 tests, each in two separate parts, A and B. Free csa standards online. Part A of each test is Vocabulary & Grammar; this includes a range of exercises similar to those in the Progress Check sections as well as RNE type tasks, to revise and test elements of vocabulary and grammar covered in the relevant module of the coursebook. Part B of each test is Reading and Writing; this includes an exam-stylereading task based on a text of approximately 500 to 600 words, and an exam-stylewriting task.