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Florida State and Tailgate Guys have teamed up to offer turn-key, hassle-free tailgating for FSU football fans! All tailgates are located steps away from Doak Campbell Stadium and offer a variety of package offerings to accommodate all groups. Come visit us this fall! Our mission with Tailgate Guys is to provide a superior service to the game-day fan, our partners and the communities in which we live and work. We have continued to meet our mission through precise attention to detail, a passion for guest service, innovative branding, and consistent operational execution. Designed to offer you 'the works,' the Club Package can comfortably accommodate up to 60 guests. The Club Package includes the following: • Hosts up to 60 guests • Premium reserved location • 20'x20' High Peak Tent • DISH Media Package • 2 Tent fans when needed • 20 Tailgate chairs • Three 6' tables with linen • Three cocktail tables with linen • Four 120 quart cooler with 40 pounds of ice in each • Paper plates, paper towels, cups, utensils and koozies • Personalized sign • *Option for catering and beverage • *Option to further customize.

No doubt you’ve heard that the amount of data being generated and stored is growing. And everywhere we look, we are continually reminded of the value of our data. But as the amount of data grows, are IT organizations realizing the value and unlocking its full potential? Software vendors in the data protection space are using the term backup less and less. That makes sense, as just hearing the word backup can cause anxiety, fear and/or boredom., but not very fun. And anyone who has had data loss dreads those words even more. Data protection is a little more elegant of a term, however, calling it data management is probably the most relevant in 2018.

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To just back up or protect your data in the age of gig economies and agile development seems shortsighted. Shouldn’t we be doing more? Shouldn’t we be “managing” our data?

The Data Management Era Data management implies so much more. Today’s IT environments are fraught with risks like ransomware and malicious cybercriminals. The data needs to be protected on a whole new level. We also live in an era where customers expect instantaneous access and data needs to be readily available.

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Employees working in are increasingly looking for solutions that are simpler, easier and faster to use and consume. And, of course, IT budgets continue to shrink while businesses demand that IT provide value rather than just being a cost center. Ten years ago, organizations relied on tape media as a viable, economical option for data protection. However, public cloud costs continue to decrease substantially, causing companies to re-evaluate their strategy. Leveraging tape media, which wears out over time, requires more steps to recovering data, and it’s heavily reliant on shipping and warehousing services outside of IT’s control. Companies that have large amounts of data and are operating with tape media require more management, time and resources. Cloud’s Backup Advantages Data management is very important to companies looking at public cloud like for backup and archiving.

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With modern data management solutions, data in a cloud can be quicker to recover and may take only a few clicks to restore. Customers want ease of use and often do not have a large team dedicated to ensuring backups are happening correctly. Public cloud is still low cost per gigabyte and stored offsite like tape, but it offers additional advantages.