Skyrim Ps3 Modded Game Saves Download

This should work for Skyrim just like it does for other games: For PC to PC, you can go to the 'User/Documents/My Games/Skyrim' folder and simply copy the 'Saves' folder from one machine to the corresponding folder on the other machine. I recently solved the data transfer issue for Skyrim on the PS3.None of the answers above helped at all,and like 'lildominoe' I was able to save and transfer the data to a USB but not save afterwards.

It said something like this game is saved under another user. It literally won't let you even press the save button though you can play the game from where you saved off your USB.

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Apr 22, 2013 - What you can do is download someone else's game save but I quote. You can't mod Skyrim on your PS3 in a similar manner to the PC. Mar 7, 2014 - Don't start your precious game all over if you lose a save. Instead, copy one from a friend (or download), and enjoy that end game content.

It took me a couple hours and a little playing around so I'm giving you the exact steps of what I did. The Solution • Save your old game save data to a USB (I don't have much so I used 2GB) • Log out of PlayStation Network. This hides your 'user' until you sign in again,I also deleted my user on PlayStation home screen as well. • Make sure new PS3 has no users and log into P.S.

Network under your old username and password. Now you have just transfered the 'user' that Skyrim recognized as the user for that save.

• Create a new home screen user. I used the same name as the old machine in case the game tried to recognize that as well. • Load Skyrim saved game data under your old user and all that and ENJOY!! I hope this helps. I am getting ready to repeat the process. Don't ever buy a used system,and the fat models at that! I did it once when I got the YLOD.

I used hair dryer in box to get it to stay on long enough to get my disc and the above recovery of an AWESOME SAVE!! But I went cheap and bought a used system from a friend. 3d coat 45 crack download. Lasted bout a month (enough to get me to Lv 24, I was at Lv 9 I think on my first system) but like most it's YLOD'd on me also (both the old fatgirl systems!) So time to see if I can follow my own advice and do it again, hairdryer and all.

If so I'll leave this post as is. If not I will update in the next 2 hours. Good luck, I hope it works for you and helps get you back to the wonderful world of Skrim!!ENJOY!!

Link to written info on every save in the set: Those saves are not just stats modded they have heavy mods, towns cities, NPCs. All ported/converted from xbox 360 & PC skyrim modded saves, all the best modded savegames, collected around the web in one pack (22 saves) they all work on OFW without jailbreak/CFW.

Mirror for EU&US Saves Sets DOWNLOAD link: EU Saves Download link: US Saves Download link: Mirror folder link for XBOX36 saves (check for NEW Modded saves here): Most of the XBOX36 saves in one Download (191mb): To be able to save you will need to resign, the best free tool for that is [Bruteforce Save Data].