Sim Girl Full Version

DOCS_modelChunk = [{'ty':'is','ibi':87616,'s':'A good strategy can be the Conversion strategy: defend the fan bases, and then make all the girls use seduction. This will make the competitor lose about 2137 fans, causing a decreasing rate of -657 fans per round, while adding them to your own fan base. You still don u0027t get paid, but it u0027s a good way of managing the growing of your enemy, while all of your girls steps forward. NAnother very good way is the Take Turns strategy. You use the top attackers to keep the enemy at a progressively decreasing rate of about -1.332 fans per round, while your “middle” girls work on building up their fan bases through Job Search. So, make Ami use Rumors, and Tomoko use Seduction, while Karin and Kotomi go search for jobs.

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This is a complete guide to the game Sim Girls - Full Version, and it contains all the information I could gather in quite some time playing it. It have really lots of information, and should help you, even if you are a complete beginner and don't even know what Sim Girls is. But, even if you are an experienced player, do check out this guide.

In the other round, have Ami search for jobs, while Karin and Kotomi use Rumors, together with Tomoko u0027s seduction. The decreasing rate will go to -1.057 per round, but it u0027s still considerable. This way, all the girls keep growing, while the enemy u0027s fan base keep falling. NA more moderate way of applying this strategy, I u0027ll call it the Mixed Take Turns strategy, is making Karin and Kotomi, in their “attack” round, instead of using the Rumors, use Seduction. This way, the decrease rate goes to -332, but their fan base evolution isn u0027t broken from using the Rumors. NOne thing to consider, any strategy you adopt, Tomoko will always use her Seduction, as she gets more fans by seducing than by searching for jobs. NAnother strategy, that u0027ll be avaliable from day 64 on, is the “Time Stop” Strategy.

Do you remember that, from the day 64 on, you u0027ll be able to find Karin at the Slums, and she will use her “recovery power” at you. Not only that, but you must remember that Sana u0027s rate of fans per job search increases during time. Well, and what about stoping her rate at day 64? Yes, that u0027s it. This way, she will always keep at a level where you can keep her at bay, and still search for jobs with at least two girls. Simply do the daily operations, and when you are at 0 energy, use Karin u0027s Recovery Power, to get back the 100 energy.


Then, run the daily ops again, and again, and again, until you don u0027t want it anymore. This is an excelent way of making money, while managing the girl u0027s growing, and keeping Sana down.

NActually, after raising the stats of the girls, Sana should have quite a number of fans. Use this Take Turns strategy, using rumors in the first Kain/Kotomi attack round, and using seduction in their the last attack round.

NDo it, until the number of fans Sana have gets close to the minimum (as Sana will be always the last to act, it u0027s probable she will work in her last round, after your actions, and even if you reduce her fans to 0, she will end up with about 1480 fans, at least). NThen, you can forget about her, for at least one or two days, and go on with the Build Up strategy.

When she is getting a large number of fans again (around 5.000-10.000), go back to the Take Turns/Mixed Take Turns strategy, until she comes back to the minimum, and then back again to the Build Up. Uzbekskie filmi pro basmachej. NKeep this up, and you should be fine. NThe Full Strike should be reserved to most extreme scenario, when Sana passes the 15.000. If she passes the 20.000, then it means “red light”, and Full Strike urgent! DO NOT LET SANA GET CLOSE TO THE MAXIMUM UNDER ANY CIRCUNSTANCES! If she does, then it means a fight, and it will be a hell of a fight, believe me.