Shlyah Da Podzvigu Petraka I Scepanidi Znak Byadi


Prosmotr skritih fotografij vkontakte. People celebrating Maulud claims the face of Sheik Inyass appeared on surface of the light and they climbed the light pole to touch Inyass face.

Last November, Leo Messi received the best gift of his life, his son Thiago. Experiencing the first year of his son’s life has made Leo even more committed to ensuring that all children grow up with enough to eat, immunization against diseases, clean water to drink and a decent education. The best present he feels he can offer his son is helping to spread the word about the challenges millions of children face to reach their next birthday. Join Leo and Thiago Messi in creating more happy birthdays for more children by sharing the message about the importance of child survival and development, and putting the #lastchild1st!

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The Judicial Records and Archives Database (JRAD) provides access to all IRMCT public judicial records, as well as to the public judicial archive records of the ICTR. For access to the judicial records of the ICTY, This collection is expanding on a regular basis. Records include filings from parties and non-parties to trials; exhibits tendered in court; transcripts and audiovisual recordings of court hearings. Warning: The database contains material which some users may find disturbing. For more information or assistance, please contact the Tel.: +255 27 256 5612 or +1 212 963 2848 Email.