Sennheiser Skm 100 G2 Service Manual

Wireless mic systems are a popular option for use in video production, and they typically work right out of the box—without requiring you to fiddle around with the settings. Even though you can use these systems right away, they’re designed to be versatile, and they offer some important features that can help you avert potential disasters. This article provides simple instructions on how to scan the frequencies in order to avoid interference, and explains how to adjust the audio levels to get optimal results. You’ll come away knowing all of the important stuff that isn’t obvious the moment you first pop one out of the package. One of the features of the Sennheiser G3 systems is the availability of 1,680 frequencies; however, if the kit worked the first time you set it up, why would you ever futz with it?


When you give up the reliability of a hardwired connection and go wireless, you run the risk of experiencing interference. Everything could be running smoothly one moment, but you could get hit with interference at any time, and it’s helpful to know how to remedy the situation. The Sennheiser G3 systems have 20 Banks of frequencies with 12 Presets each. The Presets within these Banks were chosen by Sennheiser to help you avoid common pitfalls that are often encountered when operating wireless mics. For example, if you're using more than one Sennheiser G3 wireless system at the same time and both systems are in the same frequency range (A, B or G), you can avoid intermodulation-distortion issues by setting both systems to operate on the same Bank.

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How are you supposed to manage that much stuff when all you want to do is to capture the dialog of a simple sit-down interview? The key is to master the “Easy Setup” function on the. Easy Setup scans all 1,680 frequencies, locks out frequencies that are occupied by other signals, and switches the current channel of your receiver to a new one that’s presently free of interference. After you use the Easy Setup feature on the receiver, you must use the Sync feature on the receiver to beam the new channel to the transmitter wirelessly.

Instructions for both processes are provided below. How to Scan Frequencies on a Sennheiser EK 100 Receiver 1) When the receiver is powered on, press the Set button once (this puts the receiver into Menu mode). Next, press either of the arrow keys until Easy Setup is displayed, and press the Set button again to enter into the Easy Setup mode. 2) Using the arrow keys, select Scan New List from the Easy Setup menu, and press the Set button again to begin scanning. 3) The display will read Scan New List, and an animated progress bar will move across the screen. Gotovij rp server dlya samp 03e. After about 55 seconds, the display will inform you how many Banks and Free frequencies are available for use.