Roxio Easy Cd Dvd Creator 6 Free Download

Roxio's bid for integration is a simple main menu that gives you access to Creator 6.0's main modules. But dig past this seemingly put-together interface, and you discover that Creator is a mulligan stew of modules with overlapping functions and varying interfaces. Even within a module, you can sometimes do the same thing two or three ways. Creator Classic (the core disc-burning program) is the spitting image of Easy CD Creator 5.0, with its dual-window, Explorer-like interface. The new audio player, on the other hand, looks like Windows Media Player, while the DVD Builder (for assembling video clips) is a train wreck of playback, edit, and import windows. More to the point, there's little connection among modules.

You can, for example, call up Creator Classic from within the audio player to burn a disc. But instead of building library management into the player, Roxio creates a Media Explorer module. Worse, the new Drag-to-Disc feature doesn't have access to the disc-spanning feature built into Classic.

Roxio should take a hard look at Apple's new, a suite that performs many of the same tasks as Easy CD and DVD 6.0, but with vastly more elegant integration. Creator's notable innovation is Drag-to-Disc, a one-stop shop for many burning, writing, and management functions. Instead of loading different modules and flipping through menus to burn a CD or write files to an erasable DVD+RW, just drag the desired data--from Windows Explorer, the desktop, even other applications--onto the 1x2-inch Drag-to-Disc pad. ( features a similar tool.) Drag-to-Disc does the rest, and if it needs a nudge, you'll find a passel of functions on a pop-up menu, from formatting to viewing disc contents to running diagnostics.

The one limit: you can't automatically span files across multiple discs using Drag-to-Disc. For that, you must fire up Creator Classic. Creator's real innovation is Drag-to-Disc.

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Nov 18, 2018 - Key features. Burning discs: Roxio Easy Media Creator is mainly designed to burn CD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and other disc formats. In addition to.

Take files from anywhere, drop them here, and D2D will burn them to CD-R/DVD-R or write them to CD-RW/DVD-RW. Creator Classic is still home base for burning data, music, and bootable CDs and DVDs. It's also where you turn if you want to burn more files than a single disc can hold. To span the data, just select the desired files and click the burn button.

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When the first disc is full, you're prompted for another blank. You can read these discs like any other, but if a file or folder spans two or more discs, you must load a retrieval utility that Roxio places on every disc you burn. It's simple and easy to use. One potential problem: in our tests, disc spanning worked only with CD-Rs and write-once DVDs (such as DVD-Rs). We couldn't span using either CD-RW or DVD-RW--a bug Roxio says it has not been able to reproduce. Version 6.0 introduces a new, Roxio-developed music player that, while no, is competent enough. You can easily create playlists, quickly convert an audio CD into a library of MP3s (with no restrictions; Nero offers this feature only on a time- and/or song-limited basis), or burn a CD.