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Wherein the “ Ever Livi ng Go d” was adored a s the sol e God of the universe. Th e book let r eveal s the spreading of that great light throughout the world and its final culmination in the establish- ment of modern religious and spiritual truths. The book furthermore explains the part that the Rosicrucian Brotherhood has had in the dissemi- nation of this knowledge in all lands, and tells in detail, also, how you may become a member of the AMORC movement and enjoy its instruc- tions and benefits. This book will be sent by mail without obligation to those who request it. Address your communications to: G en eral I nqui r y B ur eau. MORC is the abbreviated name of a move- ment established many years ago in Amer- ica to carry on the ideals and purposes of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. These ideals and purposes have to do with the b u il d in g o f c h a ra c te r a n d th e d ev el o p m en t o f p er s o n a l, d o rm a n t, o r u n u s ed m en ta l an d s p ir it u a l faculties, possessed by every man and woman.

Th e organizati on teac hes the applicat ion of the human faculties and capacities to the solution of everyday problems, according to metaphysical, p sy ch ol og ic al, s p ir it u a l, a n d n a tu ra l la ws. The f oun da t i on of t he A M O R C mo v em e nt was established by the first Rosicrucians who came to America in 1694, as a result of the growth of the uplifting activities of the Rosicru- cians in Europe and other parts of the world. The organization is not new in any sense, since it traces its actual historical existence back through the centuries to the mystery schools es- tablished by the philosophers and savants in the fir st cen tury of the Ch ristian Era. Its traditional history, filled with romance and alluring stories of achievements in the illumination of civilization can be traced through the preChristian eras to the temples of sacred teachings in Egypt, Persia, India, and Chaldea. The Rosicrucians throughout the world today represent the leading characters in the fields of pr o gr es si v e sc ie nc e, a rt, li te ra tu re, an d p u re p h il o - sophical, spiritual thou ght. Th e membership con - sists almost wholly of men and women whose desire for the Rosicrucian teachings is actuated by v a ri o u s a lt ru is ti c m ot iv es a n d p ur p os es g e n - erally centering around the noble aspiration to. Tion is to the spiritual and mental comprehension of men and women who desire to master the complex problems in life through efficient and understandable methods.

The saneness and rationalism of the teachings p re se n te d by th e o rg an iz a ti o n fin d fa vo ra b le re - action in the minds of men and women who de- p lo re th e u n so u n d n cs s o f m an y o f th e m o de rn hypothetical principles taught by speculative schools of mystical or metaphysical pretensions. The insistence of practicability and demonstra bi li ty in th e te ac h in g s o f th e R o si cr u ci an s p re - cludes the adoption or presentation of.

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The absence of fanati- cism or extremes in the teachings or practices of the Rosicrucian doctrines has earned for the organization the unqualified endorsement of all types of minds, and especially those which can- not countenance the element of erraticism in things either spiritual or worldly. The organization opens widely its doors to the seeker for that knowledge which will enable him to unfold before his view the possibilities that follow in the path of his mental, psychic, and metaphysical development. It cordially invites, and wholeheartedly wel- comes, the inquiring soul and the sincere peti- tioner for that illumination and that brotherly help which is not offered by any other organi- zation in America today, and which has always be en th e u n iq u e an d d is ti n ct iv e o ff er in g o f th e Rosicrucians. Free from religious and sectarian distinctions, and nonpolitical and noncommercial in its oper- ati ons, the A M OR C has be come a wor ld wide movement attracting the devotion and voluntary service of men and women in every profession and w alk of li fe. Its members hip is num bered b y th e th o u sa n d s lo ca te d in ev er y ci ty an d to w n of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America, as in other lands. The outstanding feature of its activities con- sists of its. Its beliefs through its many welfare and service depart- ments.