Rfp Response Executive Summary Template

Solicitation Number JP14001 Cisco Response 1 Executive Summary. In a world that is changing quickly, it is essential that governments adopt new technologies and business models based on innovative governance methods and practices to improve public services for citizens. With an executive summary written, or at least outlined, I’m more confident about delegating parts of the proposal creation process to different team members because they’ll understand the approach and what they need to do to contribute to a consistent, cohesive document.

Uchebnik metodika matematik metlina The old adage, you only get one chance to make a first impression carries a lot of meaning when it comes to the executive summaries you include in your company’s proposals. The Value of Brand in Your Proposal The executive summary is your first, best chance to sell yourself—it had better be compelling, and it had better track with your brand messaging. That said, your company’s brand is definitely an important factor in making a first impression. Use branding to distinguish your company from the competition. Your brand needs to be infused into the content and format throughout any proposal document, beginning with the executive summary. Branding helps communicate company values and qualities in a proposal just as it does in any other marketing document, and a recent survey conducted by the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) shows us that branding and quality play a very significant role in a company’s perception and perceived value of their proposals.

Pokerstars free money hack codes. The executive summary of your company’s proposal will be the most read and widely distributed section of your RFP submission. It is the single component of your submission that serves to convince decision-makers to learn more about your company and the solution being offered.

What is its purpose? If you answered, to summarize the proposal, think again: 'What you're really trying to do is lay out the business case.' – Tom Sant, founder of the Cincinnati-based Sant Corporation and author of Persuasive Business Proposals: Writing to Win Customers, Clients, and Contracts Keys to Creating a Compelling Executive Summary Putting together a compelling executive summary is of great importance to the success and growth of your company. A compelling executive summary should: • Focus on the client.


The client should be the centerpiece of your proposal. Here you have an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the client's concerns, needs, and priorities; what solution is best for the client's situation and why; how you're going to deliver that solution in a timely, economical, and responsive manner; and what the desired outcomes will be. • Highlight all the basic objectives of your company’s proposal. Describe how you're going to help the client is the most important part of your proposal. • Detail the capabilities of your company. Include the past and present accomplishments of your company.