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Start by going to the Device Manager. Once there do the following: Expand the Ports ‘(COM& LPT)’ You should be looking at something like this: As you can see Windows has set the port to COM10. However many legacy applications expect the port to be between 1-4. Let’s change that: Right click on the device and click on ‘Properties’. Click on ‘Port Settings’. Then click on ‘Advanced’.

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1 day ago KMTronic USB 4 Channel Relay Board, RS232 Serial controlled, PCB. Manufacturer: KMtronic LTD. Features: - Fully assembled and tested. - Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated.

Once you’re in ‘Advanced Settings for COM10’ on the bottom you can see the ‘COM Port Number: COM10’. Click on that to change it to the lowest possible number (between 1-4). Then click ‘OK’ on all open Property Windows. Now the device should look like this.

I found a code that allows you to remove old associations to COM Ports. You can then plug your adapter in and then associate it with the COM Port you need. Start, All Programs, Accessories, Right-click “Command Prompt” in Accessories and choose “Run as Administrator” 2. Enter “set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1″ – without the quotes obviously 3. Enter “start devmgmt.msc” 4.

In the box that opens, select “Show hidden devices” in the ‘view’ menu. Now if you expand the section on COM ports, all the COM ports that have ever been created will be displayed, the non present ones being in grey. You can uninstall away anything that you don’t want (right click, select uninstall). I also have the problem where the Prolific USB to serial is installed on com11 and the “advanced” button leads to anohter screen, but there is no provision for changing com port there. Might be IT department blocks that on company PC. I blame the device driver installation software -it SHOULD show defaults and ASK the user if they want to make changes before installing.

No nothings can just push the button to install defaults, those of use who know what settings we need could then get it right. • Brad Fluharty.

Hi Bernie – I’m not sure if your postings on this topic has closed. I had an “Ham” HF radio connected to a desktop XP and a logging program via RS-232. As I changed bands on the radio, the log program would follow, recording time and date and the frequency of operation. Then, the PC was struck by lightning and I got another PC with new motherboard running Windows 7. I now have a radio that runs a USB cable that controls a Contest Logging program However when using an RS232 cable to control my normal logging for contacts, the program does not see the radio or the cable. I have tried changing the port numbers but the program still does not see the radio. The two existing ports are 1 and 3 both with Nuvoton Drivers.

I tried deleting them but then can not create a new COM1. With the drivers back into the PC, I tried using COM3 for the Ham Logging program but there is still no ‘comms’ between the radio and PC. Please HELP!! Ham/Sam • Jeanie. Hi Jeanie I’m a complete computer illiterate!!

Still not sorted yet. I used to run Swisslog with my TS-2000S using a serial cable. A few months ago, I acquired a TS-590S after selling the TS-2000., I entered a small contest and had N1MM installed using a USB cable. The RS-232 port was used to control the Experk 1K-FA linear.

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During the contest, N1MM and the linear worked fine. After the contest, I tried running SwissLog but the program could not see the COM port. Reading user comments that N1MM and any logging program can not run together, I removed N1MM although they were on different COM ports Now, I keep getting a message that the Com port I am setting up for Swisslog is being used by another device although there are no other devices connected to the PC. I’ve tried changing the Start and Stop bits and tried various combinations and getting more frustrated! I trust that your dad will have better luck Regards Sam • Richard.

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