Rammstein Mein Herz Brennt Piano Version Noti

Mar 31, 2017 - Mein Herz Brennt is a music singles/eps/fan club/promo recording by GALAHAD (Neo-Prog/Progressive. This page includes Mein Herz Brennt's: cover picture, songs / tracks list. Mein Herz Brennt (Piano Instrumental) (5:03). If you are interested in Galahad, or Rammstein, then this is well worth getting.

• • Rammstein singles chronology ' (2011) ' Mein Herz brennt' (2012) ' Mein Herz brennt' (German for 'My heart burns') is a song by German band. The song first appeared as the opening track to the band's third studio album, (2001), and was used as the opening track for concerts during that era. It also appeared on the band's, (2011), being the only song on the album that, at the time of release, had not been released as a single or had a music video. Download copyright form pajak 1721 excel free. The song was released as a single in 2012 to promote the then-upcoming video collection Videos 1995–2012. A piano version of the song was released as a single on 7 December 2012.

The song's lyrics involve a narrator describing the terrors of nightmares. The opening line of the song's intro and chorus ( Nun, liebe Kinder, gebt fein Acht. Ich habe euch etwas mitgebracht, meaning 'Now, dear children, pay attention.

I have brought something for you') is taken from the German children's TV show ('Mr Sandman'), which provided children with a bedtime story. The song's narrator appears as a darker version of the character.

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