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Hehehe, nothin much, i just wanna update this blog coz im sure a lot of u guys are waitin' for another hell-im-in-love blah blah. Actually, wala akong magawa ngayon, sunday kasi kaya no work, no pay. I miss my fwens thats why, i love hangin out with them everyday. ^_^ We'd go to the mall, watch cne, naubos na namin lahat ng showing. Damnn, we're like rich asses?

Para mamumulubi kami 3 days after payday,hek hek My tropa in sitel: te thea - she's my room mate, we always talk about evrythin'. She knows all stuff about me rin kac she's like my big sis. Tapos we kinda like share the same interests. She has a bf, c kuya mark, theyre so so so in love. Kaso he's leaving, hmff, so sad *sob* hennie - hekhek, she used to be my dorm mate, kaso she's now staying in her tita's place. Uhmm, she's so in to her cellphone, kasi her bf's texting her evryday, Hmf!

She's pretty, according to her, But since we're gud frens and she make pautang din. She's pretty na xempre. She likes to eat a lot. Z turali olender. ^_^ francis - aww this guy's convinced that he's gwapo, not just gwapo, hyper gwaponess. We're always seen together kaya some folks are thinkin' he's my bf, thats just how comftable we are togther. He's ur nice nice nice dude. He's malaki ang katawan but u'll get sick seryoso when u find out how dis kiddo get so childish super.

Ewan ko na lang ^_^ And uhmm. What else, we're now separated kasi we're in full prod na.

I miss yah guys ever. The other day, nanood na naman kami ng movie. This time not so sucky. Its regine and piolo's 'pano kita iibigin ' hayy. Maximus dramaticus. But its funny too ^_^. Franz and i are havin this argument since nung isang araw pa about this ratatouille thingy.

Hekhek, he cant help but laugh, im pronouncing it as ratoyl kasi.While ate thea's feeling the movie kasi she can relate, sumhow ^_^ Tapos, we came home around 5, we're almost 24 hours awake na. Grabeh, no more sleep.

Morph vox pro serial key. Hagard na kami ^_^But its fun. Anonymous said.

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