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For meat and meat products we recommend using the products from our VivOX and SyneROX product lines. Standardized to various active ingredients VivOX and SyneROX products offer standardized, repeatable and reliable protection. Our solutions are oil soluble and/or water dispersible, in powder and liquid form, heat stable and customized to meet both requirements of your application and various processing and technological conditions. Vitiva's application specific portfolio for oxidative protection of meat and meat products guarantees and naturally prolongs their freshness, taste, shelf life and overall quality. Oils and fats. To reduce formation of polar compounds, secondary oxidation products and/or acrylamide in frying oils, or to protect highly susceptible polyunsaturated fatty acids in various vegetable oils and animal fats, Vitiva offers unique solutions under INOLENS and SyneROX product lines. Highly deodorized, very light in color and with greatly reduced bitterness, these natural solutions provide significant shelf life extension and bring considerable economical savings to frying operations throughout the year.

Fish and fish products. No matter the type of decorations, coatings and fillings, rancidity and oxidation represent common problem due to the high fat content originating from cocoa, milk, butter and vegetable fats. To keep undeniable consumer appeal for a premium and flavorful product experience, Vitiva recommends using formulations from INOLENS product line. INOLENS products offer full antioxidative protection, without interfering with organoleptic features of sensitive applications like confectionary products. Beverages containing citrus flavours, essential oils and other aromatic or color components are prone to oxidation that results in organoleptic changes and an unacceptable quality. To protect them against rapid decomposition through a series of oxidation reactions, Vitiva suggests using unique solutions from INOLENS, SyneROX and AquaROX TM product lines.Products applicable to beverage applications are highly deodorized, with greatly reduced bitterness, low in color and taste, standardized to active ingredient and heat stable.

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These features enable successful application of Vitiva's beverage ingredient portfolio and full protection of your products. Milk products. Due to high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish oils are especially susceptible to oxidative spoilage, making their oxidation rate significantly different from that of the other oils. Various factors govern oxidative reactions that occur at the centers of unsaturation. In addition to being affected by temperature and the degree of unsaturation, oxidation may be accelerated or retarded by various catalytic agents. To help the prevention or slowing down oxidation problems of fish oils, used as such or incorporated in other applications, including food supplements, Vitiva offers specialty oxidation management solutions under SyneROX family of products. Animal fats, as well as vegetable oils and meals, are essential for proper nutrition and palatability of pet food, however, are also very sensitive to oxidative degradation.

A variety of reactive and toxic compounds, produced during deteriorative changes, can adversely affect the health and well-being of pets. The consequences of rancidity are significantly more severe than just the alteration of color, taste and odor of pet food.

Thus, it is essential to prevent these deteriorative changes with addition of antioxidants. Vitiva's formulations are proven to be beneficial when it comes to protecting pet food from rancidity. Although the family of Labiatae ( Rosmarinus officinalis) is known to be repellent for animals, it is a breakthrough innovation that SubSTAR and SubSTAR Complex products, added to pet food, cannot be smelled or tasted by domestic pets.

In addition to that, Vitiva’s water soluble formulations can be used as a potent antioxidative enhancement of vitamin and mineral premixes, which are an important part of a healthy diet for domestic pets. The awareness of the numerous benefits gained through utilization of botanical extracts is constantly growing. They contribute to a healthier lifestyle and have been known to help relieve several health problems, for both human and animals. Herbal medicinal extracts (APIs), suitable for use in pharmaceutical preparations (OTC, THR), are manufactured in accordance with EU Directive 2001/83/EC, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and customers´ requirements. Food-grade herbal extracts are designed for the food and beverage industry and also for application in functional foods and food supplements. Clinical studies, supported by in-vitro and in-vivo studies, are important scientific approaches to prove products‘ activity, safety and mechanism of action. Vitiva offers a range of herbal extracts, whose mode of action is supported by results of clinical studies.