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These are photos showing our new sign (in russian and in english) on the fence of our Centre in Australia! This sign is an Ultimatum for all aliens to leave our Planet Earth and our Solar System at once! The fact, that this ULTIMATUM WAS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN (ME) IS VERY SIGNIFICANT FOR THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS, BECAUSE OUR OLD UNIVERSE IS 99% - FEMALE, NOT MALE! What is interesting, that curious White Human Spirits (white spots above) already started gathering around our Sign, looks like they've never seen such a sign! For those, who wants to know more about me: My Place of Birth: The Source of Creative Force!

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The Date of Birth of my physical body on Earth: (my Soul is eternal, never dies) My temporary address: This Old Universe! My phone number: There is no phone, because there is no need for it: we are using NVC (non verbal communication in this Universe)! What is my favorite sport? I fly from one Universe to another one: for business!

Where do I get money for Outer-Inter Space Travel? - I fly for free: through a personal multidimentional Portal in my bedroom, which transports me to different Parallel Universes! What music do I like? - Music of Universal Flow and Human musical Whistling!

What movies I am interested in? - The movie called: 'Our Planetary Game'! What diseases do I have? - None, including 'Star's Disease'! Who are my friends? - All Suns (the ocean of them) in the Source of Creative Force and all Higher Selves of our Old Universe, doesn't matter what Level they are on!

Who am I working for? - For the Source of All Life or The Source of All Balanced Sun Energy! What is my occupation? - I am one of Representatives of The Source of All Suns on Earth!

I exist as one of Suns in the Source, I exist on this Earth of the 3rd Level of Consciousness and I exist on all other Levels! I use the Universal Law of Change and plan to change all of you into WHITE SUN ENERGY! I declare all present 'governments' on Earth: non existing, means illegal, not having any power over people! You can't make Changes in any Universe with Niceties! What is my Goal in life? - Our Old Universe has a Goal: to return to the Source of All Suns in a form of White Suns!

Aksen Fort is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. A list of US medications equivalent to Aksen Fort is available on the website. საერთაშორისო დასახელება (აქტიური ნივთიერება): naproxen sodium კლინიკურ. Aksen fort tabletki 1

I help it and I wish, that all of you have the same Goal: to help our Old Universe to return Home! There is nothing more noble, than helping our Real Home! See you all at the 'Gathe-Ring' as little Suns on the 5th Lev el of Consciousne ss!

The Real is only White Sun Energy of Balance, the rest are Illusions, which have been gradually falling apart! Our Higher Suns have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR and often laugh at our wheeler-deali ngs! My task is to push everyone up from this dying Planet! The number of real humans on Earth is most likely not more than a million, the rest are our numerous Parallel Personalities, Clones, Hybrids and Minions (it's their 1st life after being a part of a group Soul of an animal); for them the death of the body is a tragedy). 11-11-11 Phenomenon! 'The official beginning of the INFUSION of 4D, fourth dimensional, energy, will begin to affect Earth's Solar System on 11.11.11 as it begins to encounter energy from the Galactic equatorial plane region - as a Universe & Galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of Space. Whether people call this Phenomenon a Stargate or Portal, this area of faster Higher fourth dimensional energy is real.