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Prezi is a presentation app, which utilizes templates to provide the canvas for your work. The 'Prezi' can then be edited to suit your needs. Free program program laporan keuangan excel gratis. Information such as images, symbols, shapes and video media can be added to produce animated presentations easily and effectively.

Prezi gives you some great features, combined with a crisp user interface that is really easy to use and very intuitive. If you are used to Powerpoint or Keynote, you will feel right at home. Key features include*: • Offline presentations: Prezi allows you to present without an Internet connection. • Sync Prezis: all of your Prezis are accessible, no matter where you created them.

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• Import media instantly: Prezi allows you to insert images, video and sound from sources such as Flickr and Google. The downside of Prezi is the pricing structure for the (Pro) versions, and you will need this if you want to keep your presentations private, remove the Prezi branding, and receive either 500MB (Enjoy) or 2GB (Pro) of storage space.

*Some features are only available in the PRO version of the app. Please note: with a public account, your Prezis will be publicly viewable, searchable, and reusable.

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