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Kazakhstan broadcaster 'Khabar' today during it's, that starting 1 January 2016 it will be joining European Broadcasting Union membership. Upon ESCKAZ request, representatives of EBU have confirmed the information, specifying that 'Khabar' is joining as the Associate member broadcaster, which under current rules doesn't make it eligible for Eurovision Song Contest participation. Representatives of 'Khabar' agency also clarified that they are not considering possibility of the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in the nearest future. We can confirm that was confirmed as an EBU Associate at our recent General Assembly— EBU (@EBU_HQ) Under current rules is not eligible for participation— EBU (@EBU_HQ) 'From 1 January, 2016, we will become Associate members of the EBU, this means that we can use all kinds of services offered to us by it. We are entering into the partnership with all other members of the EBU, but that does not give us the right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Associate membership implies a long-term partnership, the possibility of acquiring license rights to broadcast the various international TV events at more attractive prices than offered at the market'- explained program director of TV channel 'Khabar' Sandugash Rakhimzhanova Broadcasters from countries located outside so called European Broadcasting Area are allowed to join European Broadcasting Union only as associate members. At this moment following countries have Associate member broadcasters: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Cuba, Chile, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria, Oman, Malaysia, South Africa and Mauritania. We have to remind that according to the of European Broadcasting Union only broadcasters from countries located within European Broadcasting Area or countries members of Council of Europe (as Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) are eligible for full membership.

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At the same time only Full member broadcasters are eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest participation. This year Australian broadcaster SBS became the first and only Associate EBU member which received a special invitation to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Will one of the favorites of the Moldovan Eurovision preselection, trio 'Elle', replace one of it's singers, as well as entry for the song contest? Immediately after the announcement of the list of participants of the Moldovan preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in the Moldovan press has appeared a series of publications about the participation in the competition of a new trio 'Elle' made of Natalia Barbu, Nicoleta Dara and Tania Cerga. We remind that last year this trio has performed as of the national selection show.

However, a few hours later the information has changed - and instead of Tania Cerga, publications began to refer to some 'unexpected member', whose name will be revealed in a few days. At the same time, a third face in the promotional photo of the trio was also not distinguishable. Ps3 cech 3008b proshivka.

Yesterday, the mystery was partially solved, and the band 'Elle' presented its official line-up. It's third vocalist appeared to be Romanian singer Ale Blake, who as Cerga is part of the Studio One, and is known for numerous projects along with Sasha Lopez. However, at the same time with the presentation of the trio, was released a song, while originally the list of participants featured 'Elle' with the song. Manager of the project Alla Donțu has released statement informing that Tania Cerga had notified management of the project about her absolute impossibility to take part in the contest for unstated personal reasons. However, as the project had already required time, creative efforts and financial resources, it has been decided to keep it going and to attempt finding a third member for the trio, at the same time submitting demo version of the song 'Tare' with removed vocals of Cerga.