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Quinn (Steven Yaffee) is an awkward teen with no friends. It doesn't help that his parents (Wallace Langham, Rosanna Arquette) are hippies secretly growing illegal weed at home and they don't allow him to attend school. Hope (Katie Boland) is his punk drug-selling little sister. He's taken with beautiful new girl Crystal Connor (Rachel Blanchard) moving in across the street. Suddenly, he has a real need to go to class. His love for Crystal makes him the prime bullying target for class president hunk Philip and his popular group.

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That was some twist. I am not a fan. It turns a fun little teen comedy into a heavy drama. I do like most of the movie. The sharp turn totally threw me.

It's definitely a surprise although I assumed the ending to be her accidentally letting out the secret and the family has to go on the run. The point is to keep it light and prison time is not light. I still like the movie and the characters.

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