Noti Dlya Bayana Pesni Listjya Zheltie

Thursday, August 07, 2008 - 11:48:54 AM JR, you may not remember me but we met briefly at the 2007 MilBlog conference. I'm commenting here because your contact page does not seem to work.

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Given your thoughts on interviews and since I don't remember you mentioning this on your site, I wanted to be sure you were aware of a documentary 'All the Way Home' that apparently features you in it. I haven't seen it yet, only the trailer but it was difficult to tell if you were a willing participant (it looks as if so).

The producer, Ed Nachtrieb is offering screening copies to select milbloggers and he's donating some of the proceeds to Soldiers Angels. Drivers start your engines waves. According to his site, it was shown this July in Congress to help lawmakers understand the issues facing returning soldiers, and has been recommended by leading veterans advocacy groups. Nachtrieb's website is and SA Press release is here: If you are aware of this and ok with this then I'll be happy to promote it but if not please let me know. I also have the producer's email if you need it. Although this looks to be a enlightening documentary, I want to respect your wishes and be sure you are aware of it. Hope you did well in the competition.

Noti Dlya Bayana Pesni Listjya Zheltie

Will be cking back with you. Monday, September 15, 2008 - 9:22:13 PM JR, I don't know you but just watched your incredible story on ESPN's E60 tonight about athletes of a different kind so to speak. Nver had an appreciation for your sport until tonight and your bravery in Iraq and your fight back to get on top your game was amazing and inspiring. So I googled your name and log rolling and well now I'm writing you this email. WIsh you and your wife and family great things, thanks for doing the ESPN gig. Now I'm not sure why I put our website URL in there, something my wife and I do - hey if ya want to look at some cute golden retrievers, there's some pics there of our mutts LOL! Peace, Chris tesokosjj.