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Released February or March 1967,,, Dallas Smith chronology The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1967) (1967) Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is the first album by the released in 1967. This album debuted on the U.S. Billboard Top Pop Albums on April 8, 1967, peaked at #161 and was on the charts for 8 weeks. The single 'Buy for Me the Rain' b/w 'Candy Man' debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on 4/8/67, peaked at #45 on 5/6/67, and was on the charts for 7 weeks.

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In Canada, the single reached #37 in May 1967. Contents • • • • • Track listing [ ] • 'Buy for Me the Rain' (Steve Noonan, Greg Copeland) - 2:23 • 'Euphoria' (George Remailly) - 1:27 • 'Melissa' () - 2:17 • 'You Took the Happiness (Out of My Head)' () - 2:25 • 'Hard Hearted Hannah' (,, Robert Wilcox Bigelow, Charles Bates) - 2:10 • 'Holding' (Jackson Browne) - 2:38 • 'Song to Jutta' (Bruce Kunkel) - 2:35 • 'Candy Man' () - 2:29 • 'Dismal Swamp' (, ) - 1:55 • 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate' (Armand J.

Way back in my memory there's a scene that I recall Of a little run-down cabin in the woods Where my dad never promised that our blue moon would turn gold But he laid awake nights wishin' that it would. When the world was on our radio, hard work was on our minds. We lived our day-to-day in plain dirt fashion, With ol' overalls and cotton balls all strapped across your back Man, it's hard to make believe there ain't nothing wrong. But momma kept the Bible read and daddy kept our family fed, And somewhere in between I must have grown Cause someday I was dreamin' that a song that I was singin' Takes me down the road to where I want to go. Now I know, it's a long hard road Sometimes I remember when I stay up late at night, When the sun-up came, we got up and went In the shadows of a working' day, our moonlight hours spent Singin' songs along with Gramma's radio.

Now I'm beatin' down a ol' blacktop road, sleepin' in a sack, Livin' in my memories all in vain 'Cause those city lights ain't all that bright, compared to what its like To see lightning bugs go dancin' in the rain. Momma played the guitar then, and daddy made the saw blade bend, And raindrops played the tin roof like a drum. But I just kept on dreamin' that a song that I was singin' Takes me down the road to where my name is known.

Now I'm gone, and its a long hard road Yes, I know, Its a long hard road. She's history No one would give her a star on the walk She'd have a hundred if pillows could talk where have I seen her before? She's the face on the cutting room floor It's no mystery acting in school at the tenderest age Lit up the room when she stepped on the stage Came to LA for some more she's the face on the cutting room floor she had visions of contracts and thousands of people in line to see her; knocking on door after door after all of this time, Now she's not sure Up in Hollywood stayed with an agent she met in a bar laughed when he told her he'd make her a star where has she heard that before? She's the face on the cutting room floor One night he told her that she'd never get anywhere in her clothes that's what it takes to play movieland musical chairs now she knows Goodbye Hollywood leaving tonight on the 2:30 'hound sunrise or sunset she won't be around but they'll replace her with so many more she's the face on the cutting room floor poor little face on the cutting room floor •. I like to drink my beer Spend time with the boys After work, to down a few Is something I enjoy And sometimes I stay out too late, Yes I know it's true But I love only you.

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