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Mihaela, ai luat o decizie foarte buna! Rezultatele se vor vedea. Citeste si cartea lui Mencinicopschi, el explica foarte frumos acolo despre necesitatea zilelor de post, despre cum valoarea caloriilor difera de la aliment la aliment, despre disponibilitatea biologica a nutrientilor si multe altele. Pe mine cartea asta m-a facut sa ma ingrijesc mai mult de alimentatie.M-am apucat si eu de sport si e super, de luni am inceput sa merg la pilates. Am sa scriu pe blog maine o postare despre asta! Ma simt foarte bine cand ies de acolo si foarte fresh.Succes mult si astept vesti noi.

Hello, Tnx for this Post, i am using Exclude Pages too, and it is really Easy. Do you know maybe a Plugin that will allow me to Hide MENU NAVIGATION from Some Page that i want?On some templates there is option in: PAGE ATTRIBUTES/TEMPLATE (i found option like: LANDING PAGE-NO MENU) on RESPONSIVE Theme.Like if i wont to make Thank You Page or something like that, and i dont want my menu navigation to Show on that Page, If you have maybe some solution for that, please inform me.Thanks in Advance and keep up the Great Work.

I was @vby7960 I was protesting Bushand now I’m supporting this movement. LESS GOVERNMENT! I liked the fact that Barack Obama said he would change corporate campaign fund contributionsnothing has changed! I think we need to change HUGE UNIONS being able to fund campaigns as well.

(today in some media that makes me a racist.a hater of Islam and a war mongerwhat?) The main stream media (all of it) It is no long journalism.we need to work to find the truth and vote it!!! Was this answer helpful? From what I remember, the idea was that there are no negatives in reality, something either happens, or we imagine an alternative.

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But that alternative is not real, we're just making it up. The idea in NLP is to use positive language so that the listener or reader has the image of doing whatever you're talking about going through their mind and having them create that positive image in their mind is very powerful & persuasive.Instead of your language leading them to create an image of not doing it, or of doing something else altogether.I don't know if I made that clear, but hey it is after 2am. ClimateWhy do you take for granted, that tallbloke was a member of the organisation committee?

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