Ncx 2000 Xp Serial Numbers

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8.0 The X300 terminal has a minimal set of connectors, no moving parts and is powered over the Ethernet cable from the host PC, using less than 5 Watts of power. The splitter card that drives the access units is a short-format PCI card carrying one large VLSI chip and two smaller chips. Three RJ-45 ports for the access connections are mounted on the end bracket. An alternative low-profile bracket is included with the kit. Software The X300's software bundle is limited to the necessary driver and management software (NCX 2000-XP for Windows hosts) for the NComputing hardware. Additional software options include, for controlling host PCs remotely from a 'master host' system. NControl also allows up to 16 terminal sessions to be remotely controlled from a single screen, and 128 in total by scrolling.

This allows teachers, for example, to interact directly with students. Another optional NComputing application is, a backup/recovery tool for host PCs that allows hard drives to be restored to a known working state — including OS files, applications, settings and data files.

Applications and utilities have to be provided independently on the host PC. As far as licensing the programs installed on a desktop host is concerned, NComputing states, somewhat disingenuously, that: 'Application software and OS licenses for the host PC and access terminals may be required by the respective software vendor and must be purchased separately'. Installation Installing the X300 kit requires you to open up the host PC and plug the PCI card into an empty slot. Each access terminal must then be cabled up to the card, and a monitor, keyboard, mouse and (if required) speakers connected. Our testbed host PC was a moderately specified HP desktop powered by a 2.8GHz single-core Pentium 4 processor with 1GB of RAM running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Microsoft Office 2003 installed. You'll need a if you want to run two X300 kits (6 terminals) from the same PC.

The X300 PCI card installed in a host PC. The installation sequence must be followed exactly as described in the printed install guide. Before installing anything via the software CD menu, Windows' New Hardware Wizard should be used to install both the Bus Enumerator and three instances of the Graphic Controller, otherwise the installation will fail.

With the graphics drivers installed properly, you should see the three access terminals burst into life and display the NComputing logo. You can then use the CD to install the management software onto the host PC. During this process you are warned to disable any antivirus or firewall software and are presented with the licence agreement and terms of use. After these formalities, the install proceeds normally, offering an oportunity to change the install location and to set an admin password if required. A serial number, activation key, name, company, email and phone number are also requested, and all must have values entered. The install leaflet says the serial numbers and activation key are to be found 'written on the back of the multi box'.

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Ncx 2000 Xp Serial Numbers

This is slightly confusing as it doesn't mean the cardboard box the product ships in, but on the bottom of each access terminal. Each terminal has its own serial number and activation key, which must all be entered. The initial install of the management software does offer an opportunity for multiple entry of serials and activation keys. If this option isn't taken then, following a reboot, unregistered access terminals are detected and the management software will display a request for further serials and activation keys. Once all these details have been entered, clicking OK will cause an auto-reboot of the host. Finally, user accounts need to be created on the host PC for each access terminal.