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I'm trying to install my old Elektrik Piano library in Kontakt 5 on my Win 10 laptop. Native Access doesn't seem to allow me to do this even though it is listed as one of the 'Not Installed' applications. If I point Native Access to the folder location, it indicates that the library path is invalid. I should also state that after trying various ways of getting this to work, I simply copied the installed library from my older desktop to the new laptop.

Cenniki obrazec na yarmarku Native Instruments Elektrik Piano. Being chunky and full of body, unlike many of the synth emulations we're more often exposed to. I'm sure Native Instruments.

To my surprise, this actually worked, However, when I load an Elektrik Piano instrument using the 'files' tab, it loads in Demo mode (the word DEMO is displayed in red next to the instrument name). I would be perfectly happy to continue to use it in this way, but I suspect that it may time-out after a period and not allow me to use these instruments any more. I am primarily interested in only one instrument from this old library (Butterfly Hancock), which doesn't seem to be included with any of the instruments in the newer Kontakt 5 library. Can I continue to use these old Elektrik Piano instruments with Demo displayed indefinitely? If not, is there some other way to get at least this particular instrument (Butterfly Hancock) to work in Kontakt 5 on the Win 10 laptop? Thanks in advance.

I just picked up a new Macbook Pro and have been installing all my NI Instruments. I have Akoustic Piano on my other machine installed and have copied the files over to the laptop. How do I install this library into Kontact? I've added the library yet it doesn't show up in Native Access or in Kontact player. I added the Akoustic Piano library to the users/shared/ location where all the other NI instruments are yet I can't get it to load in. I need help getting it to load into Kontakt. One thing I noticed was that the original location on my other computer was not in the users/shared location - it was in users/library/application support.

I'm assuming this new location for NI files was changed years after since Akoustic piano was a very old instrument. Please let me know how to install it. Michi @ NI August 24, 2018 09:27 Hi in order to make Elektrik Piano (or Akoustik Piano) work please carry out the following steps: 1) Download the 'Elektrik Piano 1.5.nicnt' (or 'Akoustik Piano.nicnt') file () and copy it to the Elektrik Piano 1.5 (or Akoustik Piano) library folder. 2) Downgrade Kontakt to 5.6.6: Kontakt 5 Full version: Kontakt 5 Player version: (Log-In to your Account is needed in order to download the downgrade of Kontakt) 3) Open Kontakt 5.6.6 in Standalone Mode and add Elektrik Piano 1.5 (or Akoustik Piano) via the ADD LIBRARY button: 4) Close Kontakt 5.6.6 and open NATIVE ACCESS. 5) Now Elektrik Piano 1.5 (or Akoustik Piano) should be activated and listed under INSTALLED PRODUCTS. 6) Afterwards, check the 'Available Updates' section.

Download free spectrasonics omnisphere 15 rapidshare software pc. Where you can install the latest available Kontakt 5 update. 7) Open Kontakt 5 in order to test Elektrik Piano 1.5 (or Akoustik Piano). Please let me know if you have any further questions.