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If you can't find what you are looking for in these pages, please use our online forms to ask your question directly to a qualified support rep. We will reply within 24 hours. Help with product installation, data updates, or resolving software issues. Questions or issues related to product content. Help with account information, billing status, or to update your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other account information. Your Mitchell Rep can answer many of your product-related questions or place your product order.

Most users find upgrading from version 5.0 to 5.1 of OnDemand5 to be a smooth and simple process. However, due to the complexity of the many operating systems and platforms now supported by the program, some upgrade issues have been reported in the field. If you are experiencing difficulty with your upgrade, please read the information below before calling technical support: 1.

Issue: Autorun must be on when 5.1 installs the.exe or the program does not look for OD5. This results in program conflicts since OD5 and OD5.1 were not designed to co-exist on the same system. DO NOT DISABLE THE AUTORUN FEATURE. If you have disabled the autorun feature and run setup.exe, the version checking may not ever take place and the upgrade of the OD5.0 to OD5.1 software process may not be successful. Workaround: Run StrtDsc2.exe from the Installation CD instead of Setup.exe. If the version on the machine and in the autorun.inf files does not match, a dialog is presented with the following message: 'A previous version of OnDemand5 exists on your system. Do you wish to update now?'

Click OK and you should be taken through the complete upgrade/ installation process. Popup windows options should be disabled at installation time. This is a software update/installation process. Therefore, program specific files, registry entries and/or system files and resources will get updated. So, Before you begin the OD5.1 installation process, ALL OPEN PROGRAMS MUST BE CLOSED ON YOUR PC INCLUDING OD5.0, ANY OTHER APPLICATIONS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND, ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE, ETC.

This is good practice for any software installation or upgrade. OD5 uninstall issues cause conflicts with the new OD5.1 installation process. The recommended way to uninstall OD5.0 is to use Add/Remove programs from Control Panel OR use Uninstall OnDemand5 from the program group. If neither of the above processes were successful, you can manually delete OnDemand5.0 provided that the following folders, files and registry entries are deleted before installing OD5.1: 1. Delete the Mitchell 1 ondemand5 folder. Delete the OD5.INI file located in WINDOWS or WINNT folder.

Delete folder 5F7DFA-27B3-4E06-BCDE-B3 located under program files installshield installation information. Delete Registry Entry: Hkey_Local_Machine Software MRIC OnDemand5 folder.

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You should now be able to successfully install OnDemand5. This page, and all contents, are Copyright (c) Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. By accessing and using Mitchell Repair's web sites, each user agrees that they have read and agreed to be bound by the governing Mitchell Repair Online. The Mitchell 1 name is used herein by permission from Mitchell International, which has no ownership interest in Mitchell 1.

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