Midi Files Gratis En Nederlandstalig

With this tool, you can turn your computer into a karaoke recording studio. Simple and effective, MIDI Master Karaoke is a tool with which you can turn your computer into a karaoke studio one. Key Features The application can play both MIDI files and Karaoke files. Let us remind you that these file formats are the most used on the Internet. In fact, users can play, mix and orchestrate these two file formats.

MIDIMaster Karaoke users can adjust the echo of the file track to you vocal performance and well as adjust the tempo and the key of the karaoke file. It is also possible to change the instrumentation for each track which depends on the needs and the timbre of the user's voice. As for the user interface, changing the font, background color and lyrics window size is to be within reach of all users. The application also offers a visual display that is showing both the time lapsed and the bar, tick and beat information for each played track.

DRUM TRACK ZONE - Midi Drum Patterns, Breakbeats, Drum Samples Drum Tracks, Loops & Samples offer a special deal. Provides pro quality hip hop drum samples with a free download available. Provides drum lessons, beats and drum backing tracks. Sell live drum beats recorded to analog tape. Preview and audition available. For creating drum loops. Is self described as the strangest tiny sequencer around.

Provides free drum sample sets. Is a virtual drum machine for Mac and PC.

Drum/Rhythm Track Production Resources • A collection of Afro-Carribean MIDI drum files. • A virtual synthesizer for Windows. Also contains a beat box tool, modulation tool (to make the sound less perfect, more real), stream to disk recording, real-time effects and response. Allows you to associate samples with keys and then tap out a beat. • A Windows beatbox for PCs with Sun Java installed.

• Archive of a past site with MIDI files of some sample drum,hi hat,bass parts etc. • Good range of links, info and some RealAudio samples of synths, drum machines and anything related to producing techno dance music. • Samples to download of the Korg DDM-110 drum machine. • Resources & info on grooves, rhythms & tempos for DJs • Provides free drum loops with LoFi MP3 versions for preview. • The Dr Liebezeit drum machine VST plugin. It features a Roland TR style programming interface. • A freeware XG Drum Setup editor & sequencer for Win95 • Whether you play real drums or a midi pad, this page brought to you by Bill Powelson's School Of Drums can provide you with some good playing tips.

Hier vind je sites waar je gratis MIDI's kunt downloaden. De midi files zijn vaak van populaire artiesten, ook is er muziek uit films en tunes van tv-series. Pinnacle pctv systems.

• Archive of a site with pictures and sounds of a variety of classic drum machines. Sounds clips available in MP3 or Real Audio.

• Generate drum patterns using your browser and save them as MIDI files. Controls are available to allow you to sculpt the type of drum patterns you are trying to create. The Perl scripts are also available for download. • Drum WAV files for you to download.

• A unique drum site supporting female drummers and providing relevant resources & info on women & drums. • Archive of a past site with drum WAV files for use in your samper. Some may not be available in the archive but some are. • Pictures and text instruction on how to make your own drum trigger pads. • Useful page with ways to make your own cheap drum trigger pad assemblies. Nice for drum modules with trigger inputs such as the Alesis D4 & D5M • Useful info for anyone using an acoustic drum kit to record rhythm tracks.

• Provides drum lessons, beats and drum backing tracks • A very comprehensive electric drums resource & links site. Now at a new home at which also has many links to drum sites & manufacturers on the web. • Some free MIDI drum files to download plus some to purchase at a very low price. • GrooveLab allows you to create your own drum grooves online. LoFi preview available. • Sell commercial MIDI beats plus they have free MIDI drum beats to download.

• Win95 & NT freeware software drum machine to create drum loops. Writes out WAV files to use in your sampler. • List of links to drum and percussion software. • Dedicated to a 'Good Groove'. Rudiments, tips & other info. • Middle Eastern Percussion Resources.

Includes Jas's. • High quality drum sounds in 16 bit 44.1Khz WAV format. This site has now closed but there are some drum sounds you can still download.