Microsoft Train Simulator 2 Torrent

As odd as it might sound, railroads are romantic. Drivers model idu 2850ug 56g They offer magical views as they wind through rugged mountains while hugging high cliff sides or roll through misty valleys at dawn.

They call to mind bygone eras: steam locomotives rattling over wooden bridges in the Old West as they carried precious silver and gold from the mountains or passenger trains bringing GIs back to their sweethearts after World War II. Even today, the sheer size and massive power of locomotives can evoke the same type of awe that powerful planes and race cars can.

And while there are plenty of racing and flight sims, the only train games available so far have focused on strategic empire building. In Train Simulator, Microsoft has created a realistic simulation of the iron horse–one that can hold its head high next to its racing and flying peers. You need for downloading.torrent files.

Sep 15, 2013 - Microsoft Train Simulator Is a Train simulation game based on train the train driving and many more feature are in this. Torrent Download.

Each locomotive handles quite differently, and learning how to tame each beast is part of the fun – electrical engines, such as the elegant Amtrak Acela, drive high-speed passenger trains that can top 165 MPH, and are also among the most user-friendly and easiest to drive. Diesel locomotives require quite a lot more care than their high-tech counterparts, and steam locomotives are the most challenging of them all, though doubtless also the most rewarding. All of these engines, but especially steamers, are in constant need of corrections and careful adjustments as you go, all while keeping in mind that you have a timetable to keep track of while respecting safety procedures (such as keeping within the speed limit or using the whistle when approaching cross-roads). Applying the correct braking pressure during stops becomes an art form. At the end of each activity you get a final score reflecting your performance. Here’s the cab view of a steam locomotive. Every gauge, lever and valve can be used.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know everything about everything when prepping and driving a train. A more lenient beginner mode will relax things considerably, but getting into the thick of it is largely the point of the experience. A host of interface aids will help with your situational awareness, such as reviewing your timetable or map. The cabs featured in every engine look quite complete, made up of pre-rendered 2D shots.

Most dials, levers and displays are functional on diesel and electric locomotives, and most of the valves and levers on steam locos can be manipulated (non-essential stuff like manifold shut-off valves, ashpan levers, water gauge levers or measurement taps cannot be used). The popularity of train sims gradually took off after MSTS, and the range of stuff available for this old timer is broad indeed. If anything, the interactive tutorials and detailed manuals will have you learning more stuff about trains than you could ever have imagined, its educational value alone being worth the ticket.

System Requirements: PII 266 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 4 MB Video, Win 9x/ME/2000, 1.8 GB HDD.