Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 40 Serial

Microsoft FORTRAN Compiler Version Information Microsoft® FORTRAN Version Features This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft FORTRAN compilers and tools for the PC, along with a brief list of features and notes. While you may find older versions of development tools in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience.. If you have technical questions, we recommend asking on the usenet newsgroup (2.2 for Macintosh) IMSL for 5.1 ® ® ® ® ® FORTRAN 2.2 for Apple Macintosh () Product number 005096.220 Includes the following materials: Retail box sleeve, 1185 Part No. 005-096-009 Two double density 3.5' diskettes. 005-096-001, 005096.220 and 005-096-003 S-194 005096.220 in license agreement envelope 0386 Part No.

Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4.0 Serial. Microsoft Fortran PowerStation What is Microsoft Fortran PowerStation? Every day, users submit.

999-999-811 Registration card 0387 Part No. 999-999-708 Update letter describing support for HFS, compilation of a list of files at once, and compiler diagnostic messages.

© 1986, 005-096-013, Document number 690500011-220-R00-0686 Guide to MS languages for Macintosh, 0986 Part No. 000-096-040 Manual in three ring binder. Part Number 005-096-007, Document Number 690500003-210-R00-0685. Shows © by MS 1985, Absoft 83-85, and Apple 83-85 FORTRAN 3.31 () MS Part number 005014.331 5.25' disks with S-335 and 005014.331 printed on them FORTRAN 4.1 () MS Part number for 5.25' disk version: 005-014V410. Includes ten 360K disks and the following manuals: Quick Reference Guide, 34 pages, Part No. 01656 User's Guide, Document No. 614500011-410-R00-0288, Part No.

01678, 507 pages plus 23 page update section. Microsoft CodeView and Utilities, Microsoft Editor, Document No. 614010011-000-R00-0288, Part No.

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01701, 401 pages plus 81 page update section, Editor section is 123 pages Language Reference, Mixed-Language Programming Guide, Document No. 410500018-400-R10-0187, Part No. 01677, 374 pages/140 pages FORTRAN 5.0 () MS Part numbers: Update Fortran 1.x/5.0, 5.25': 005-044V500. Requires 320K/512K memory required/recommended. OS/2 1.1 or higher or MS-DOS 3.0 or higher. VAX and VS FORTRAN extensions. 13 5.25' diskettes.

3.5' disks were available from MS with order form included in box. Includes the following printed materials: Retail box sleeve rear labeled: 0489 Part No. Manuals: Getting Started, 34 pages, Document No. LN0821-500-R00-0289, 0389 Part No.

06386 Language Support Directory, 27 pages Quick Reference, 59 pages, wire bound, Document No. LN0805-500-R00-0289, 0389 Part No. 06385 Advanced Topics, 301 pages, Document no.