Metti Oli Serial Episode 800

Jun 4, 2018 - Kuladheivam SUN TV Episode - 801 (18-12-17) 'Kuladheivam' Television Serial Kuladheivam is a Tamil television serial directed.

Watch Sun TV serial Metti Oli at Metti Oli is a famous drama directed by Thirumurugan and is being repeated now. It has five main characters are sisters. It was created as the Best Serial and received high praising from viewers. Enjoy watching this show at, please tell your friends and family to visit for their one stop Tamil Entertainment Website.

• C.U.Muthuselvan • • V.Thiruselvam Directed by Creative Starring Gayathri Shastry Rindhya Theme music composer Opening theme 'Ammi Ammi Midhithu' (Vocal) (Lyrics) Country of origin Original ( Original Version) ( Dubbed as Mettala Savvadi) No. Of seasons 08 No. Of episodes 871 Production,, Mani Production location(s) Cinematography Sevilaraja Sarath.K.Chandran Editor(s) M.Jaya Kumar Camera setup Running time approx.

30-32 minutes Production Release Original network Original release 8 April 2002 ( 2002-04-08) - 14 October 2005 ( 2005-10-14) Chronology Preceded by 7.30PM >> 08.00PM Panam @ 6.00PM Followed by Muhurtham Related shows Mettala Savvadi Mangalya Minnukettu Akshantalu. This article contains. Without proper, you may see, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script. Metti Oli (The vibrance of metti, an ornament worn by married women) is a that aired Monday through Friday on for 871 episodes. The Metti Oli team has been awarded several awards, including the from the. The show is retelecast in (SGold) Moon TV from September 2018.Indhira is a serial which is belong to Cine times. The show starred, Kaveri, Gayathri, Vanaja, Uma,,, and among others.

It was produced by, writer and director. It was shot in several locations such as Village,,,. It was also aired in Channel on. It was also is being re-aired on Same Channel and aired Monday through Friday at 11:00AM.After the success of the serial director went on to do blockbuster movie named emtaan magan in 2006 and then he return to direct new serial named nathaswaram in 2009. Cast Main characters • as Chidambaram The story revolves around the lives and pains of his five daughters and eventually his. He is very patient and does not get easily provoked.

A land broker by profession, he is greatly respected by all. His wife died when his children were young so he brought them up to be very disciplined girls. Noti dlya fortepiano 1 klass milich. At the end of the serial, Chidambaram died in an accident when he carelessly crosses the road in a depressed state of mind. • as Dhanamlakshmi, Chidambaram's eldest daughter She is married to her uncle, Bose: A woman who is full of love for her younger sisters but doesn't know how to show it.

She is always in an argumentative mood and doesn't hesitate to make rude comments. She is blessed with an understanding uncle-cum-husband and who tolerates her and they have a daughter. • 'Gayathri as Saroja, Chidambaram's second daughter She is married to Manikam.

The couple has a son, Natarajan. Saroja resembles her father in always having patience. She is an easy target for victimization and bears domestic violence after her wedding to Manikkam. Saroja symbolizes the majority of middle-class woman in Indian society. Chidambaram's main worry in this world is Saro and her life. She has a cruel mother-in-law, a violent husband, who uses violence to end any argument that he loses, and a jealous sister-in-law, Nirmala, who cannot bear to see Saro happy.

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Saro's brother-in-law, Selvam, is the only one who understands her. • Vanaja as Leela, Chidambaram's third daughter She is married to Ravi: They have twin girls.