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The TV does not turn on or off If the 'box' is not included, and even the indicator does not light, the source of the problem is mainly the power supply. Often he will burn with voltage drops. The same reason causes spontaneous shutdown equipment.

If the model provides protection against unstable voltage, at critical moments it will work and turn off equipment. We are confident that the differences were not? Then, the cause must be sought not only the power supply unit, but in the motherboard - it could appear microcracks. TV does not take remote control Often there is a problem, which has two sources.

The first and most common - remote fault. Suffice it fails to drop it or spill liquid on the keys, and it will cease to function. The reason may be more banal - just sat batteries (you will not believe how many times this factor people took for the 'damage'). Quite possible that the remote to do with it, and causing the problem becomes a failed control receiver. If everything is in order - to blame, most likely the processor.

• Image not available, but the sound is - the reason for failure of the matrix or video amplifier. • No image and sound periodically lost - this is likely to indicate a problem with the scan.

• The sound is present, the screen lights up, but nothing else happens - probably out of order video processor. There are also more banal reason - the noise in the tuner. • Image not maximized to full screen - 'symptom' damage surplus staffing matrix. Breakdown of personnel surplus module can be connected to the voltage instability or poor-quality operation of the power supply. • The appearance of a narrow strip of the vertical position on the screen may indicate damage to the transformer urgent scan. Horizontal bars indicate the problem directly with the personnel scan. • Missing color or monochrome image is turned into - performance breakdowns video amplifier or the video.

Issues matrix It is in view of not cinematic, but a real matrix, set in modern TVs. The fault of this element is becoming a serious problem, since it can not be repaired, and will need to carry out the replacement. In essence, the matrix - a display element on which the image is built. Matrix can be broken for the following reasons: ● TV screen dropped or hit with a blunt object; ● Liquid has been spilled on the contacts of the matrix; ● installed the defective item; ● item worn as a result of long operation, Personal injury matrix show multicolored stripes on the screen, the appearance of black circles, hang pictures or his disappearance. Diagnose and replace the matrix element must be an experienced master, since the process involves a lot of nuances (especially connections and settings). Scan problem On the vertical deflection problems Several factors point to the TV. In particular, this reduction or vertically offset image misalignment, the appearance of lines, the total lack of vertical deflection.

In the latter case, only one horizontally arranged luminous bar is displayed on the screen. The cause of all cases of failure can be malfunction vertical deflection generator block. Cloud system booster serial pro.

The frequency sweep generator adjusts the set of electronic components. Therefore, to fix problems need to attract a person perfectly versed in design patterns.