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Autodesk 3DS Max is a great tool for all 3D modelers alike it offers many tools and utilities right out of the box. The hefty price is what is scary for most people who are looking to just get started with it, even with such a big price tag the software is worth every penny.

Some of the features that this program boasts are: MAXScript Character Studio Texture Editing and assigning DWG Import Keyframing(for animations) Skinning For students you need not worry about paying the large price tag until after your student license has expired thus allowing you to use it in your classes without paying a dime for it as long as you can provide proof that you are attending a school and making use of the software for that purpose. In conclusion 3ds Max is a great piece of software once you are used to using it for every day 3dmodeling and general animations(for more specific key framing and what not it is sometimes best to use Autodesk Maya) Overall this product does everything it says and more right out of the package. If you are a film or game artist or even a motion graphics artist who aims to have the perfect tool for doing all your work-related tasks easier and better, this program offers the best solution for you. If your work mainly involves animation, 3D modeling, compositing solution and rendering task, you should definitely check-out Autodesk 3ds Max 2014. Autodesk 3ds Max is in the top list of the most respected software when it comes to 3D-animation. This software is already available in the market a while back and it does an excellent work since it was introduced.

This program consists of some useful tools used for broadcast T.V. At the same time, it works perfectly if you are into developing games. Autodesk 3ds Max makes the life of some artist and animators less complicated by having an intuitive workflow to bring their vision into life. Using this program allows them to work using multiple lights and include some materials that can act like those in the physical environment. Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 brings a new approach to 3D modeling, animation and rendering visual effects, motion graphics, design visualization and game development.

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It is a powerful yet simple to use and with out-of-the-box capabilities in creating professional and high-quality 3D animation. With its graphite modeling and strong particle flow system, this program helps users like me to focus more on creativity. Meanwhile, its new features such as tabbed layouts and customizable workspace make it very convenient to configure and switch between interfaces which can optimize the way I work. In addition, the nitrous advanced graphics core of this program provides dramatic developments in the performance and visual quality so I can now manage bigger data sets, and come up with better creative decisions in the context. You might want to consider getting this program if you want to further enhance your work especially in animation.

In case you have difficulties with its features, there are a lot of video tutorials available in the internet that can assist you. • animation for a proyect including a 3d machine that transplant plungs form cucumber into the dirt it also has a nylon plastic that covers the soil • iam a student currently pursuing my 3d modelling class that is game art. So i will be using this programme for my assignments.pls let me download it you are very annoyiong • i want to download 3d max 2014 on my computer in order for me to do my university projects and home works i am an interior designer student: • to create 3d models and experiment with because i want to become a game designer in the future hoping the can educate me on how 3d even works • Final Year Project. 3D Modelling is required for a 2Dimentional game as I have to render different perspective.

So I feel 3ds Max 2014 is a viable program. • Autodesk 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio MAX) is a production-proven 3D modeling, animation and rendering package for games, film, television and digital publishing • i uesd lots of software for 3d like google sketch up, autocad, revit architecture, and home design, maya also, but i lke most 3ds max working. • 3ds max for home entertainment,buildings, homes,school,road,land, human being,animals,plants,shopes,hand,house,motor bikes,cars,guns,mobile • I have used maya before plus a lot of graphic design software. Not sure about this one, I guess we'll see.

Do I have enough characters yet? • I have used Z brush in several ocations along with 3d max to create detailed textured as well as more relistic details in my 3d modules, and I really need it. • well i think its a complete software and comprihensive programme through which i can express my ability and moreover help me to satisfy my clients • cc tv camera elevation walls doors windows balcony staircase views steps interior lift road orientation sill parapet wall railings paintings • he reason that I will be downloading this software is because I want to pass this semester and graduate already so please allow me to download • the main thing i like about 3ds max is that it has a wide variety of tools and you could design ANYTHING you want and modify them according to your requirements. • free and easy modeling easy tools and unlimited you can model a car or house elevation interial desighn or alot af things it is the best software. Review 3DS Max (previously known as 3D Studio Max) is a 3D graphic an animation design tool developed by Autodesk. Based on a plugin structure, it is one of the most popular 3D programs for TV/movies, architecture and videogames. Originally created by Yost Group in 1990 and called 3D Studio Max, it was thought to be the “3D animation AutoCAD”.

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